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The family and friends of Levi are joint together to help support the medical bills. Please join with us in helping the family with the this

**UPDATE-(3-5-12)-My family's lawyer is not excepting a plea agreement with the dog owner. She has received over 40 complaints against her, and not just for her dogs. They have a good case against her and will hopefully be able to serve justice.
**An update on Levi's health- Dr says Levi may or may not get the nerves back in his face. Swelling won't go down for two more months and we have to see plastic surgeon for a year to two years still. Sinus cavity bone is shattered. He's also very aware that he looks different. Please pray that he can have peace in knowing he will get better. Thank you again for everything!! =)
Please continue to pray for them.

Levi is a four year old little boy who was in his front yard playing frisbee with his brothers, the frisbee landed next to a fence that had 6 dogs (2 of which were pit bull mixes) when Levi bent down to get the frisbee, Two of the dogs attacked, grabbing his face, head and upper body and tried to pull him through the fence. His older brothers saw, Matthew (age 10) ran to get their parents. Jayden (age 8) ran to his aid, he kicked the dogs to get them to let go and the dogs attacked him as well. He sustained Injuries to his chest and arm, but was released from the hospital later that night. Levi sustained injuries to his eye, nose, check, jaw, shoulder, and arm. Both his jaw and cheek bone on his right side were shattered. The doctors will have to rebuild his sinus cavity. They also don't know weather or not he will be able keep his right eye or not. His right arm was also torn to shreds from the dogs trying to pull him into the fence. The doctors were able to save his arm, but are not sure if he will have full strength or will be able to fully use his arm again. He was flown to Phenoix children's hospital, and is there awaiting treatment. The family lives in Chino Valley, AZ. the parents are now out of work temporarily so they can be with Levi in Phenoix. The owner of the dogs is not taking any responsibility, and blaming Levi's parents on not paying attention to their kids and called child protective services on them. They need every little bit that will help. He will need several reconstructive surgical procedures. He is an incredibly strong and resilient little boy. Thank you for any little help. A little help is a HUGE help. Thank you. Love the Mulkey family and friends.
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