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The family of Skipper (Italian Greyhound) is trying to raise money to pay for his second surgery.

The vet we took him to basically screwed us over. After all of this time he told us we needed to go to a different vet because there was nothing else he could do for him. Here is the story:

Skipper thought he could fly and landed wrong which resulted in a broken left front leg. This break broke both of the bones in him arm just above the wrist, the bigger of the 2 bones broke in 2 places leaving a chunk of bone floating in space. We then took him to a vet and had pins put in and when the vet did the surgery, he removed the free floating bone chunk. I took Skipper for a second opinion 2 weeks after surgery and the 2nd vet said that the alignment was great and to give it time to heal. We did the check ups and follow up x-rays and still no progress. The last visit was in August and we were astounded when the first vet told us that the bone was atrophied (the bone was deteriorating and dying), (this happened because niether of the broken ends were close enough to each other to get blood flow and regrow) and there was nothing else he could do for Skipper and that we needed to go to another vet. OMG I thought I was going to die when he said all of this... I really wanted to ring his fat neck, after we spent all of this money for him to say "you need to take him somewhere else because I can't fix him" If he couldn't fix him then why did he even tell me that he could in the first place.

Last week, my wonderful boyfriend found an Orthopedic Specialist in Tampa (Dr. Callum Hay) he does alot of work with a bunch of the rescues in town including the "big" greyhound rescue. Anyway, we took Skipper in on Wednesday 9/28 and they took the pins out and splinted him up until he gets his new surgery next week which will be removing the dead bone and putting in a bone graft and plating everything together. This doctor completely impressed me within the first 10 minutes of meeting him.

The first surgery cost us $2200.00 and now the second surgery will cost us $3800.00
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