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My family suffered much since then.I can't even think of a time that we are happy altogether.My mom works for the family.The food,expenses for everything is from her.But this passed few days she complained of being tired to support our family.My mother is getting aged too.What can I do,I can merely find a job myself because in lack of capabilities.

I want us to start all over again.To have life the way they wanted us to have.,yet in times of struggles I am still in faith that one day we can also become rich not to mean dream so high but in inspiration . I will pray and pray and do everything that I can to let my siblings experience the life that I and my eldest brother didn't have...oh how it kills me inside seeing my father cried over a plate left with nothing to eat.... Please help us..I do not know where my message would go through but sharing to others this provides me strength and hope for the fortune of the people whom I loved.I really loved my parents and my siblings and I will do anything to help them...
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