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This is in conjunction with other efforts to raise money to provide Chief with both THR surgeries he needs, which will total about 11K.

Chief is my sweet puppy I adopted in November of 2011, when he was 4 months old.He needs the joint area from his leg into his hip replaced (a Total Hip Replacement, or THR surgery) on both hips. Chief is only 14 months old and because of his condition there has been almost a dead halt on his puppyhood.
This fund-raiser is one of the many that we are doing towards raising the close to 11 thousand dollars (TOTAL from consults, through surgeries, and all aftercare/physical therapy, meds, and 4-5 day hospital time) that is needed for Chief's total hip replacement surgeries. All the money that is raised outside of this website I will still put directly into this account so everyone can watch the total progress of getting to this goal for Chief. Each hip procedure with everything from start to finish the cost is about $5500. Anything past the first $5500 mark will help go towards his second surgery (his right hip). With hope we believe achieving the goal of giving Chief a new lease on life is possible.
We have gotten a referral to NC State to their orthopedics specialists, and are planning on his surgeries being done there in Raleigh. Each hip must be done at a separate times so that the one hip that is not in recovery can support the hip that is healing. The healing area must endure slowly increasing physical therapy. Using other alternative fund-raising, careful expense tracking, and diligent budgeting and saving tactics our hopes are high for getting together money enough to get his right hip done directly after his left. This will minimize the time that the pain from both his conditions, and the healing process after the surgery, are restricting sweet Chief's ability to live actively without paying the price of pain. After 1 year start to finish Chief will be able to play and run better than he has ever been able to, and it WONT HURT!!!!! Instead of having to take breaks to rest his sore hips every few minutes he will be able to live to his fullest potential that life has to offer him, and to offer us.
Chief is such a sweet boy, with good manners, and a cuddly personality... he doesn't deserve the pain that has been put upon him.
Chiefs Story;
In November 2011 I adopted Chief from a local rescue. I had been watching Craiglist for a couple months on and off waiting for just the right canine companion. I had said that when the timing was right, and I was ready to take on a dog and do right by him or her, so I had been waiting a while to find the perfect dog. I clicked Chief's ad and saw what I knew was my puppy. At just under 5 months old his adorable little brindled boxer-greyhound face was looking at mine, and even further, to my heart. I knew he was the one.
When he was found by his foster parents it was the night before Hurricane Irene and he was being shot at by an intoxicated man. They took him in and gave him shelter while the rescue they contacted tried to find him a home. It was via their Criagslist ad that I found my dog'gone best friend.
Through the months following, everyone noticed signs of how he sits funny, and when he gets onto the bed, or into the car, how he pulls himself up and climbs versus hopping up using his back legs. I took him for x-rays on 2-26-2012, and that is when it was discovered that he needs surgeries to avoid a severely shortened pain-ridden life.
I have had to restrict his playful puppyhood by cutting back a lot on his activity levels, and play time allowed. He loves to roll around and play with other dogs, but because of how fragile his hips are, and how easily knocked down he is, he is no longer able to play around much with the other dogs (not even the ones he lives with). No more dog park, doggie day-care, hikes, or any vigorous activity at all can happen until he is better. The more I let him play like the puppy he is the more pain he will experience, and the worse his hips will get.
In the mean time I are doing various things in the way of pain management and relieving his discomfort he may be feeling due his hips. He has started some new glucosamine pills that have really showed signs of helping him. He has become more more "springy".
Everyone asked what I was going to do when I found out that Chief was going to need 10-11 thousand dollars worth of surgery... and I said the only answer that was even an option... Do everything I can to save him. Thank you for any little bit that you may be able to help, even if it is only a sympathetic ear. Every bit helps find hope, which will help find a way. Make sure to check out the related links area to find out more info about the actual procedure, and to join the network and community on facebook- "Team Chief". Thank you so much for stopping by.
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