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This is Kilu's Enucleation and Cataract Surgery Fund. Donations will be used towards Kilu's eye surgeries

On October 31, 2010, a friend visited our family and brought with her a cute albeit slightly underweight adult Chihuahua mix who needs a new home. We immediately fell in love with him. We named him Kilu after my youngest sister whose name is Luki. Kilu being the family's first dog, we have gained most of our valuable experience of dog care through him. Since day one, Kilu has his special place on my bed. And since day one, we noticed that he is a very sickly dog. We took him to the vet once a month to get monitored for regular shots, dewormings, ear infections, diabetic tests, skin problems, and most noticeably eye problems. At first the pupils of his eyes had milky substances then he was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in both eyes. He was only 1.5 year old at the time. After 3 months we had him, he was diagnosed with cherry eye, an unaesthetic result of tear blockage. We decided that it was time to neuter him to prevent further passing of his genes. His veterinary bills over the year had already totaled over a grand and it is taking a toll on our limited funds to perform surgery on him immediately. Another few months later, we started noticing that his right eye was bloating and began turning a sickly red, leaving an obvious imperfection on his adorable face. Kilu constantly rubbed and scratched at his eyes, uncomfortable even after we used eye drops. The vet diagnosed him with glaucoma, atrophy of eye muscles due to dysfunction, and luxating patella in his hindlegs. At this point, it was impossible to save his right eye and the enucleation surgery costs around $1000. All we can hope for is to save the left eye by removing the cataracts which estimates to $2000. Kilu is a young dog who has many years of life ahead of him. It is unfortunate that he has become mostly blind at 3 years of age. His patella have made it difficult for him to exercise and vision is the only thing left that he can enjoy. Time is running out, who knows when his right eye will give out? Please help Kilu remove the uncomfortable eye and retain some vision in his right eye to improve his quality of life. My family will be extremely grateful! Amy Chen Rosemary Chen Cindy Chen Luki Chen Nancy Chen Tony Chen Silver (Alaskan Malamute) Kilu <3
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