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The Logan Niebauer Heart Surgery fund. The funds will be used for Logan's medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Logan Christopher Niebauer was born July 19, 1999 without a pulmonary valve in his heart. At 2 months his pediatrician discovered abnormal heart mummers and sent him to Texas Children’s Hospital. The doctors there tried to put in a shunt but this procedure did not work. At 8 months Logan underwent open heart surgery to insert an artificial valve. The doctors informed us that after the surgery, as Logan grew, the replacement would not be sufficient to sustain him and would wear out. The surgeon at that time stated he did not know how long the valve would last, maybe 2 years or maybe longer. So Logan underwent testing twice a year to insure the replacement was working properly. After his 4th birthday the doctors felt it was safe enough to reduce the tests to once a year.
For 13 years my wife and I have watched Logan grow into an extraordinary young man. While he has not been able to play hard like the other kids in the neighborhood or join in on sporting events like his big brother, he takes it all in stride and continues to be the best he can be at his own pace. It breaks my heart to see the longing in his eyes knowing he would really like to join his friends but cannot. Yet through it all he does not complain. He has taught me the meaning of patience and acceptance, something no son should have to teach a father.
Now that Logan is 13, the surgeon has advised us that in order for him to continue to grow and remain healthy, it is time to install a new larger valve. So back to Texas Children’s Hospital for pre-surgery testing. On July 31st Logan went for his pre-surgery work up (check-up, blood work, etc.). His surgery date was scheduled for the next day, but cancelled. The surgery was rescheduled to August 3rd but again cancelled. Poor Logan is excited to get this over with but at the same time apprehensive about having the surgery. He really wishes it was just over and he could start healing. I will also point out that you can follow Logan through his surgery/recovery on Facebook at Logan Niebauer.
During this whole process, the wife and I have been missing quite a bit of work and will miss more staying home to care for him after the surgery is completed. Fortunately, school is not in session yet, but by the time all this gets going Logan will be missing a few weeks. That will be the hardest part for him. He will be walking into 7th grade later than his friends. We are looking into tutors to keep him up to speed with his classes, but I can only imaging the fear of starting Jr. High compounded with having to start late because of heart surgery. His love of learning will help him persevere though.
Sadly, the entire costs for the surgery will not be covered. Insurance only covers 80% of these costs. Coupled with additional expenses for tutoring and lost wages, our family is going to have a very difficult time staying afloat. I am asking for donations to help offset these expenses so my wife and children might enjoy some semblance of normalcy during these tough economic times. My job in construction and the wife’s office job allow us to live within our means and enjoy some of the smaller benefits of life. We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food for our bellies…but to continue to provide these necessities to my family I am in need of assistance. I am hoping that you will find it in your heart to offer a small contribution to Logan’s Heart Fund. Logan will be forever grateful for your caring thoughts generosity.
Follow his journey on Facebook at Logan Niebauer.
Thank you and God bless.
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