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Please help Stasia volunteer with World Vets to provide much-needed veterinary care to animals in Romania!

After four amazing years at the University of Connecticut, I will be graduating this May with a degree in Animal Science. As many of you know, I have spent my undergraduate years preparing myself for veterinary school and I will be applying to vet schools this coming fall. One of my main goals between now and then is to gain more experience in the field of veterinary medicine, not only to make myself a stronger applicant, but mainly to learn more about my future career. Two of my close friends (who are also pre-vet) have similar goals and we found an amazing way to help us achieve them. We would like to volunteer with a very reputable, non-profit organization called World Vets. World Vets organizes trips that send groups of volunteers to developing countries across the globe to provide desperately-needed veterinary aid. This organization is great for students because the trips provide students with unique, hands-on learning opportunities that also improve the lives and health of humans and animals alike. A major part of these trips is spaying and neutering animals to reduce the number of reproducing animals and the numerous issues associated with overpopulation. Efforts are also made to help control zoonotic diseases (transmissible between animals and humans), as well as educate the native people about animal husbandry and veterinary care so that the effects of World Vets continue long after the volunteers depart.

I encourage you to visit the World Vets website if you would like to learn more about their projects:
Please also visit the "Videos", "Photos", and "URL/Links" tabs on this page to watch videos created by World Vets on YouTube, see photos from World Vets in Romania and to check out links to other websites/information.

The trip that my friends and I hope to attend is to Romania during May 21st – 31st (a perfect way to celebrate our recent college graduation!).  Depending on the number of volunteer positions available, we are also considering a trip to Nicaragua, but we are mainly attracted to Romania because there is a large focus on horses in addition to dogs and cats. The cost of the trip to Romania is $1,435 plus airfare (which we have found to be an additional $800). I have started saving as much of my paycheck from the veterinary hospital as I can and I am also advertising my horse clipping services but I worry that it will not be enough to cover the expense of the trip. Therefore, I am reaching out to my generous family and friends for donations to see if this experience can become a reality.

One thing that I have learned in the past few years is not to let great opportunities pass you by. I am so deeply inspired by the impact World Vets has made in less fortunate areas of the world and I would be absolutely honored to volunteer with this organization. Words could not express my gratitude to anyone who is willing to donate to help me in my efforts. I humbly ask for whatever amount you are willing to donate, as there is no such thing as a small donation – even $1.00 from a friend could end up making a huge difference!  All funds will go directly towards financing this amazing adventure and anything extra will be donated to World Vets to help them continue their humanitarian work.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Also, if you are worried about making a donation online, please contact me for alternatives because there are other ways to donate!, 508-951-6608.

Update: 3/27/2010
Total amount raised to date: an incredible $1235.00!
I would like to extend a BIG "thank you" for all of the incredibly generous donations received so far! It means the world to me! 
Additional donors not listed on this wesbite:
- Eugene & Lorraine Furlani: $1000.00
- Sheila Dougan: $50.00
- C.A.T.S. Northeast, Inc.: $100.00
- Elizabeth (Betty) Sribnik: $50.00



Please read on if you would like to learn more about the conditions animals currently face in Romania:

"In each of the towns and small cities of Romania, there are thousands of stray cats and dogs wandering the streets, scrounging for food and shelter amidst the foot and car traffic... Our main goal is to spay/neuter street dogs to prevent the birth of puppies... we send US vets to do mass spay/neuter and train Romanian vets on spay/neuter procedures in Romania. Very few Romanian vets are skilled surgeons, and cause great harm to the animals." -

"Located in eastern Europe, Romania has an estimated one million working horses. With many farming communities reliant on horsepower, these hardworking animals are a vital part of rural life.  Historically, Romanians have had a long and proud partnership with the horse. However, during the Communist era, many traditional skills were lost when horses were replaced by tractors. As a result, a vast proportion of the working horses suffered from poor farriery, worn-out harness and inadequate veterinary care." -

"New transportation laws and a drought-induced hay crisis might be at the root of a recent reversal in equine welfare progress in Romania. More animals are reportedly being abandoned or malnourished than in previous years, according to numerous accounts coming from within the Eastern European nation." -


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