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The family and friends of Ellen Vasquez are uniting to raise money to help with her battle again uterine and kidney cancer.

A few short years ago life was great for Ellen. My mom was managing a Christian Bookstore that she had been
at for ten plus years and my father was working for a tool & dye shop for twenty plus years. The economy was
tanking and so were their jobs. Within a two year span my mother lost her job due to the company filing for
bankruptcy and so did my father. After they both lost their job, their medical insurance was gone as well. The
bottom was falling out of their world....

One cold Sunday morning in January, Ellen went out to start her car so it could warm up before she headed to
church. Good intentions were met with a serious injury. The front walk was covered with snow and she slipped
and fell. She laid in the walkway screaming for help and when my dad didn't hear her, she crawled through the
snow to the front door and hit it until he came and found her. They rushed her to the hospital and the doctors
told her that she tore all the muscles off from her knee and she needed surgery. After the surgery followed
months of intense physical therapy that drained her physically and emotionally. Without medical insurance my
mom and dad were struggling to pay their everyday bills, let alone the physicians and hospital. Without any
income all of their savings were being used and they eventually lost their home.

In the face of adversity, my mom rallied only to be struck down again. I (Rachel) received a call one Sunday
morning as I was getting ready for church from my mom asking when I had to have my appendix taken out what
the symptoms were following that. I told her and she let me know she was having similar symptoms but didn't
want to go to the hospital because they didn't have insurance. I finally convinced her that it could be life or
death so she needed to go. When she first was checked out the doctors thought that she had colon cancer. After
tests were ran they came back and said that she had a ruptured appendix. They let us know if she had waited 24
hours longer before seeking medical help, the outlook would not have been good.

My parents were forced to relocate after losing their home of nineteen years. They both decided to look at this new adventure as a fresh start and had a great attitude. My mom found multiple part time jobs to help make money and my father found odd jobs to help bring in money. After two years of trying to catch up, life reared its ugly head again. This time my mom was told she had uterine cancer.

A few days after she had a DNC done to get the mass that was in her uterus she became so ill she couldn't even stand on her own. My father rushed her to the hospital. They ran many tests and during one of those tests we were told that they found a mass on her right kidney. Things now went from bad to worse.
After hours in surgery, my mom's oncologist Dr. Michelin managed to remove all visible cancerous tissues. She
is now on recovery for six weeks and then on February 1st, 2012 she will back in surgery for the next doctor to
remove the cancer from her kidney. My mom is facing years of treatments and the financial burden has become
too much. The one thing all the doctors say is “Your attitude will help you fight this cancer.” Its hard as the
child to sit back and watch her not have that positive attitude. Every time she has a good day, she opens mail
with a new medical bill. The state of Michigan has denied her Medicare claim, she was denied unemployment
because she is out due to medical and the state feels that its her choice to not work through her treatments. She also tried to apply for help through the hospital but for them to even try to help you they want $5,000.00 up
front. My parents don't have that money and our family can't come up with that much money.

Please partner with us to do everything we can to get her well. Most people do not fully understand how every
little bit helps. As of today we have in our hands medical bills over $20,000 and we still have one more surgery
and then three years of treatment. With your help, love and support we know that she can get through this and
live a healthy life.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts,
Tony, Ellen, Chris & Rachel Vasquez

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