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Good day, I am Ruenda Kilian 5 months pregnant with my second child.

I have a fiancé, Wynand, a two year old son, Nathan, 27 cats and 1 dog. From the start of this year till now we have fallen from having a normal life to getting nowhere.

We were going to move to the northern cape, to be with my father as he is very ill, end of January 2016. We both resigned and gave notice. Everything was going well, we were packed and ready to go. We were told that the truck can only come through in two weeks to collect us. In that time our car broke down. All the money we saved to go was gone in fixing the car twice, we had nothing left, we could no longer move. This was now the end of February, a month without work and no income. Beginning March I got my job back R3000 pm, my kids school is R1200 pm, fuel to get to work is -+ R1000 pm, we have nothing left for rent we need to buy food with what is left from my pay. We were kicked out by our landlord, no one wants to help us with a flat for free and especially not with so many cats ( they are part of my family, when I rescued them I made a promise that they will never have to worry about being kicked out to the type of lives they had). My boss was generous
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