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For veterinary care, spay & neuters, food & litter, & many desperately needed supplies for the care of rescued animals.

There are millions of homeless, abandon pets on the streets, mostly cats and kittens.  Those that live suffer and struggle to survive daily, and they reproduce creating more to suffer.  Most people turn a blind eye and ignore this problem, but  I can't.  I've been rescuing homeless animals for years, catching and providing spay/neuter in order to reduce the population, as well as rescuing and caring for friendly abandon pets.  I provide shelter, and all of their needs until I can place them in a great home.  They stay with me until as long as it takes, for some that means the rest of their life.  My  rescue efforts have grown to the point where I needed to create a shelter for all the animals, so they have a place to be safe and happy.  I named it "Jodi's Sanctuary".  It was once a large garage, but I worked hard to clean it out and transform it into a cozy home for rescues,  complete with an enclosed attached kennel where they can go outside anytime they desire through a pet door.  They love it!  I am not wealthy, far from it, and struggle to provide for these animals. Up until recently I have done so without asking for help. I have went without so that I could care for these strays. I have now finally accepted that in order to continue to do these rescues and care for the ones I already have, I have to ask for donations, otherwise I cannot afford it. I have sold all of my valuable jewelry, among a lot of my other possessions and have done all I can to continue. There have been times when I couldn't provide veterinary care for animals needing it, and have had to make calls and beg for help in an emergency. My dream is to have a fund on hand through donations so when one of the rescued animals get sick, or I find a sick animal, I can get it the veterinary care it requires immediately!  I am constantly in need of more food, money for vet bills, litter, medicine, heating pads, blankets, the list goes on and on.  I also have large utility bills due to heaters and airconditions to keep the shelter comfortable for the animals.  I am willing to do ALL the work....all I am asking from other who do not devote their life to rescuing, is to help me with the expenses so that I can do it. Anything you can donate will go to great use to improve the lives of many animals who until now have had a rough and sad life. I want to comfort them, and make them feel happy and safe at the Sanctuary where they never have to be cold and hungry again. I provide love and affection to each and every one, and work to get them into wonderful homes, but I need your help!!! It is a lot of work for me, and I have cried a million tears for those I lose, it can be heartbreaking, but it is well worth it and very rewarding to know how many lives I have saved. I have struggled for a long time, but now I need others to contribute and help my cause. Please donate and help me to save lives.   It will be appreciated more than words can express, and you will be doing a wonderful thing to help those who have no voice, and cannot ask you themselves. Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Please take a look at the pictures of the Sanctuary, and some of the animals who live there.  You can donate through the link here, or send a donation or petstore gift card  to:  Jodi Riley   P.O. Box 13300    Toledo, Ohio  43613       THANK YOU!!

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