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Once upon a time… My Mother lived… Debilitated for 11 years, only your help can provide medical treatment. Please help!

Cynthia Chase/ Young or Mom as I call her started experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease in the 90’s; she was going to doctor after doctor and finally got diagnosed in 2000 with Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease on three different positive tests. My mother became bedridden in February of 2002 when she had some kind of metabolic attack; local doctors only checked her heart and nothing else.

My mother has been fighting to find answers and get help since she was diagnosed. She has researched and found natural solutions for bad joint and bone pain, but after she lost her insurance almost no medical help has been available. Texas has no Health system except for small little clinics, equipped for lightweight stuff.

At the age of 46 in 2006 my mother had a heart attack after cleaning the house in preparation for my visit, which I am only able to make once every couple of years since I live and work overseas and on a fixed income. She collapsed at a store in 2010 and was taken to the ER via ambulance and diagnosed with a Magnesium Depletion (a metabolism disorder) and Low Potassium because of the Magnesium depletion. Lyme disease has created many nutrient deficiencies in my mother, which is common for most Lyme sufferers. The Emergency room gave her a Magnesium IV drip and she was for the first time in over eight years able to leave her bed for about five days. My mother has taken oral and topical Magnesium since those 5 days and has had no improvement. When Magnesium gets too low it can only be treated with weeks of Magnesium through IV.

My mother has been alone with no caregiver all these years and the situation has become over whelming for her. Texas doesn’t have any State programs to help, she has a difficult time with memory which is creating a lot of problems in just trying to live each day and completing paperwork to help with the basics of staying alive. Lyme is a multifaceted disease affecting many and potentially any part of the body, she has been untreated for so long and the symptoms of Lyme are only getting worse. If she attempts to do anything normal like pay her bills or go food shopping she feels like she is going to collapse again. She wonders if metabolic disorder is what has made her symptoms worse than most people with Lyme.

She is in great need of treatment for nutrient deficiencies and for the treatment of Lyme and co-infections associated with Lyme. Once her nutrient deficiencies are further identified and corrected she hopes to at least be more mobile to get additional treatment.

Since my mother has been living with Lyme disease for so long she has found ways to help people deal with “SOME” of the over 300 symptoms Lyme disease can cause. My mother is a small beacon of light for those who are unaware and newly inflicted with Lyme, she gives as much information as she can and posts articles on her FB group called Lyme Symptom Remedies. Please visit and say hi if you can.

I thank you for reading this and hope that you can find it in your heart to help in as much as possible in any way possible. Thank you again.

-Robert Young
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