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The purpose of this fundraiser is to help cover the costs of rent, food, lodging, travel and as much caregiver service I can per day.

Hello everyone. My name is Erion Moore II. I am fighting a rare Autoimmune disease called Scleroderma (which means hardening or tightening of the skin). This disease can attack any organ or tissue it desires for any reason. Systemic Sclerosis usually attacks adults between the age of 25 to 55, and the female ratio is higher than males of 4 to 1. I am lucky, I guess. I started having signs and symptoms at the age of 24 years old, and of course I am a male. Before this condition, I was a student athlete playing basketball and majoring in Criminology. During my senior year, I noticed changes in my breathing and eating. I was no longer able to run all day, and a lot of acid reflux and heart burn I could not seem to control. Not believing it was serious, I continued on and tried to take care of myself by eating a little healthier. After basketball and college, I went on to work security and case manager for disabled adults until I landed the career of my choice working with youth. I Finally got my foot in the door working at a juvenile probation camp. I loved the job, the kids liked me and I liked them. During my time there and while playing basketball in adult leagues was when I really noticed heavy changes during August of 2008. I could not stand the cold, as the camp was in the hills off the Pacific Ocean, I could not run up and down the court, my food choices were being more limited and worst of all, I could not play basketball. I could not raise my arm straight, could not jump to dunk anymore. That was the real reason I went to the doctor and complained of stiffness and weight loss. My doctor immediately mentioned Scleroderma after listening to my symptoms. I consider this to be lucky because a lot of rare diseases do not get noticed in the beginning, especially scleroderma because anyone can have these conditions. After a quick lab, I come back the next morning, my doctor and her colleagues prescribe a medicine and tell me to find a specialist. I said, well I should be fine, her peer says "you wont be playing basketball or working in law enforcement that much." I did not take him serious, but little did I know how right he would be. Since being diagnose, my condition has gradually disabled me more and more. Mostly the skin, esophagus and stomach. I have some Vitiligo, but it does not cause any harm. Instead of going home, i want to stay as independent as possible. I fight every day, and adjust weekly to the speedy disabling that has happened over the past year. From being able to walk with minimal support and getting up on my own, to needing a walker in my apartment, a mobility scooter outside and full assistance transferring, showering, dressing and cooking. I can not straighten my leg, make a fist or open my hand all the way, raise my arms up or away from my body. I live on my home, and have been doing the best I can, and finally getting help with caregivers for cooking, light housework and shower dressing. My realistic goal after the transplant would be to get back in the field with youth/juveniles or even adult offenders like I did as an internship during college. Now that I have been fighting this disease with a possible chance of up to 70% recovery, they will know everything has a chance to get better if we stay patient. I know right away I will not be able to work, but after months of taking care of my body and enduring hours and the pain of physical therapy recovery. I hope by this time next year I can be a groomsmen in one of my best friends wedding like he asked. As you all may, or may not know, I was recently approved for a stem cell treatment in Chicago to help fight my Scleroderma, and the treatment will begin in early October. I have been fortunate enough for the hospital ensure medicare would pay for the stem cell transplant; however, I have to pay for all other expenses non medical myself. My expenses include my rent for my apartment in Portland, my stay at a hotel, 24 hour caretaker, food, travel, etc. A lot of you have already donated time and money to help me with other events, and for that I am extremely grateful. I do have one last favor to ask, and that is to help me with these expenses. I am hoping to be back home within a couple months, but there is no true timeline with this type of procedure. I truly appreciate anything that you may be able to donate. I’m extremely hopeful that this treatment will work, and I will keep you all posted on the progress along the way. Thank you all for everything!

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