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Leukemia was taking my life but a transplant saved me!!

A year ago, I was dying of a rare form of leukemia (Chronic Myelo Monocytic Leukemia/CMML), requiring many blood and platelet transfusions, a splenic embolization, and countless medical procedures during a lengthy hospital stay that prevented me from leaving the hospital, let alone my room the majority of the time.  The only thing that would save my life was a stem cell or bone marrow transplant and the odds of finding a donor in my case were astronomical.  But, I was lucky, and because of the kindness of a stranger, in November 2014, I received a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor.  I will forever be grateful for this selfless individual,

However, nothing could prepare me for the recovery which is an ongoing struggle to adapt to a new norm which revolves around many medications, doctor visits, regaining strength, and most challenging, battling negative thoughts.  Things that were once second nature have become obstacles, and I often feel discouraged because progress is slow and I am fighting to simply catch up while (it seems) those around me are thriving.  In the midst of this, I also lost my mother earlier this year and unfortunately due to my hospitalization during the year of 2014, I was unable to see her again in person post transplant.  She did however leave here knowing that her eldest daughter had received the precious gift at a second chance at life.  

I have been through a lot, but rather than seeing this as an ordeal which has weakened me, I must have faith that this is but a life lesson from which I will surface with a greater appreciation for family, friends, and the kindness of strangers. 

Please consider a donation while I rehabilitate myself.  Any contributions will not go unnoticed and help tremendously towards the costs of medical expenses.

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