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ATTENTION: As of now, we have far exceeded our fundraising goal for Armando's procedure (WOW!)...

...with what has already been donated, we will be able to pay for all of his current medical expenses and help his family with transportation to the hospital, food while they are there, etc. In the next few days, we will know more about what Armando will need medically in the future and will reopen the fundraiser if necessary. Thank you all SO SO MUCH for your support.

Check back soon for updates!  


Meet Armandoa bright, lovable 9-year-old boy who lives in a community called Cedro Galan just outside of Managua, Nicaragua. Almost two years ago, Armando suffered a fall. He hit his head on concrete and subsequently experienced common concussion symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting for approximately one week. Due to barriers to healthcare access, he did not see a doctor at that time. While his vomiting and nausea subsided after that first week, his headaches and bouts of dizziness lingered.

Recently, the headaches have gotten much worse and Armando has developed tremors in his hands. Upon noticing the tremors and subsequently discussing the fall with Armando’s mom, a Manna Project International volunteer became concerned. After some investigation and consulting with others, the volunteer decided to take him to the private hospital in Managua.

Armando has now been diagnosed with hypertensive supratentorial hydrocephalus. This means he has a buildup of fluid in the cavities of his brain that is causing an increase in intercranial pressure. He is scheduled for a surgery this week that involves putting a shunt into a cavity of his brain and draining the fluid to another site in his body that can handle it.

This is, with no exaggeration, a life-saving procedure. However, including scans and the hospital stay, it is going to cost approximately $3,000. For a family who lives in a community where the average income is $1.64 per person per day, that amount is astronomical. This is where you come in. We are asking for donations of all amounts to get Armando the medical treatment he so desperately needs.

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