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Please help 2 young girls who are struggling with money for food, clothes, and electricity.

Everyone his hard times, and you never know what it feels like til its directly and severely affected you our someone close to you. Me and my sister live together, and both of us had to drop out of college to pay our bills. Our parents are barely making it by themselves, so they can't offer us any financial aid. We've sold most of our furniture, pawned everything pawnable, and we're nearly out of food. Our landlord has been so kind to us while we've been looking for work, but we now owe him close to 2000 dollars. I personally have 2 pairs of sweat pants and 1 pair of dress pants, but other than that that's it. I have no jeans or casual pants. My sister has a few more things than me, but not by much. Its hard for me to find work because I have seizures and often mix up the words I'm trying to say by misplacing them in the sentence or flirting them together. Because I have been out of work I have not been able to give my medical condition the attendance it requires. If we could just get enough money to pay our rent and utilities, or some clothes (shirts sizes small medium or large, jackets and long sleeves greatly appreciated, pants size 6 or 10) or furniture of any kind, our just a warm meal, you don't know what out would mean to us. If you can help financially, please, with all my heart I'm begging you. If you can help with any other donations, please email
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