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Friends and family of Matt Montz are joining together to help raise money for Matt so he can kick cancer's butt!

ok Matt is starting radiation on Tues night and chemo on Wed. Matt needs some positive words brought to him. This is a lot for someone to handle. If you can tell him a joke or funny story to cheer him up please do. I also found letting your son throw up on you is also a good way to make him laugh. Christian proved that tonight! Thank you for all your support. Matt needs his friends more then ever now. Please give him a call, text or see if he wants to hang out. If anyone can give any donations we are appreciated. The hospital bill are starting to roll in.

Well on Tuesday it will be our third attempt to get Matt's mask done. We are hoping all the swelling is down and the mask can be made. I am going to have a Matt Kicking Cancer Party for him on Wed. I am hoping it will cheer my loving husband up. Everyone cross your fingers for Matt on Tuesday.

well Matt is doing better after having the dental work and the port put in on Monday. His face swelling is finally going down and he is looking like my handsome husband again. He says the port feels like he got shot with a shot gun but hopefully it will feel better soon. Thank everyone for the kind words and prayers. They mean so much to our family. Please keep sending encouragement to Matt and please prayer for him. He is my soul mate and I want him to beat this cancer and put it in his past!

Well Monday i go the hospital to have my extractions done, all 23 of them so i can start the cancer treatment. I never realized how hard this was going to be on me but i finally had to give in and get antidepressants. I have never been on them in my life but i just can't seem to deal with the reality of this. So i think its best those of you who know me i'm usually a very positive person but this has really taking me in a different direction. As bad as that sounds sometimes i just feel alone. I mean i know i have friends but this is a different alone. I hope things get better. So far i just keep getting bad news which isn't helping the depressing part of this.I do love all my family and friends

I went to MD Anderson yesterday and they staged my cancer as Squamous cell carcinoma stage 4 level A. They gave me a 80% cure rate and a 20% recurring rate. I go back tomorrow to see the dental oncologist and get her recommendation. They are proposing 7 weeks of radiation treatments and chemo once every 3 weeks so 2 chemo sessions. This will be an extremely tough treatment because of it being in my neck swallowing issues and how bunch of other side effects may occur but i will get through this. I have to! Please keep me in your prayers treatments should start in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday May 2nd Matt has a appointment to see the oncologist @ 9am, the radiologist @ 10am, and the dental oncologist @ 1:30pm. This will be an all day thing for Matt Montz but he will have a strong support system by his side. His brother Andrew Montz who hasn't missed an appointment yet and of course his beautiful loving wife Holly Backer Montz (me). Everyone please keep Matt in your prayers. I will keep everyone updated. If you have any questions please just message, email, or text me and I will make sure to respond as quick as I can.

"We will fight cancer and we will win!"

Ok everyone, you have been challenged by Al and Deb Kommel. They will be matching any donation equaling up to $500. Lets see how many people it will take! Greg and Chris Christen already gave $50.00. Are you up for the challenge? You will be the next person to make a donation?

My Name is Holly Montz, I have been with my husband Matthew Montz for 6 years, married to him for 1 year, and we now have a 5 month old baby boy Christian. My husband is the type of man that would give a complete stranger the shirt off his back and his last dollar in his wallet to help them out. People know if they need someone dependable or just someone to do hard manual labor he is the person to call. I know first hand that he's a kind hearted man and a wonderful husband and father.I tell you this because a couple of weeks ago at the age of 29 Matt my husband was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer in his right tonsil and lymph nodes in his neck. He owns his own landscaping business Cutter's Choice Lawn and Landscape for 10 years. He now has to hire someone to take his place to work alongside his employee while he gets treatments for about 8 weeks. During the process of figuring out the game plan for his treatment and doing all the test, scans, and all other prep work. My husband is out of work and the bills and living cost doesn't change. We are trying to raise money to help pay the hospital bill we already have do to just having a baby, my gall bladder surgery and the two biopsy surgeries he just had done. Plus all the new hospital and doctor bills we are going to accumulate during this processes of making my loving husband better. We have been in Lake County for most of our lives and hoping when we truly need our community's help they will pull through for us. My husband is my world and I want to make sure he won't have to worry about anything other then beating this cancer
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