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This is a College Fund for Andrew, Maggie and Christopher, in loving memory of Dave T. Lynn

The family, friends and colleagues of Dave Lynn are joining together to raise money for a college fund for his children Andrew (13), Maggie (10) and Christopher (7).

The funds raised will be given to his wife, Elaine Crouch on behalf of the children, and donations of all amounts are welcome!

Also, a heartfelt THANK YOU to the many people who sent checks directly to Elaine or via the funeral home. The list of donors is below:

Aixala, Diana and Gavin Campbell
Allegretti, Michael
Balogh, Margie and Scott
Barczyk, Janet and Frank
Becker, Bob and Irene
Belokon family
Bess family
Beugan, Cindy
Blonski, Elizabeth and Dan
Brosnan, Beth and Tom
Brown, Natalie and Jeff
Buerk, Marla
Burdelik family
Butler, Jim and Leigh
Cahill, Charlene
Canchester, Paul and Paula
Cannon family
Cavicchi, Joe
Churny group
Cmiel family
Coghlan, Jerry and Shannon
Collins, Maureen
Collins, Terri
Derrick family
Deutsch, Gary and Barb
Devereux, Mary and Larry
Drennan family
Duckman family
Eatherton, Lisa
Filippello, Rose Mary and Bill
Fischer, Lissa and Greg
Ford, Barb and Todd
Foster, Lori
Frendreiss, Tom and Debbie
Giampoli, Deb and Roy
Girgenti, ME And Chris
Goodwin, Staci and Travis
Gradman, Ken and Audrey
Green, Kathy
Gryzlo, Barbara
Harms family
Hatzapolous family
Hlavacek, Sherri
Hoffing, Steve and Susan Matthews
Hynninen, Kiera
Jagusch, Wayne and Joyce
Johnson, Carl and Sue
Jones family
Jordan, Rhonda and Herbert
Jungman, Steve and Thomacina
Kaiser, Rita and Tom
Klein, Bob (Blue Chip Marketing)
Klein, Eleanor
Labuda, Julie
Lawrence family
Lazowski, John
Levine, Cindy and Dick Lamm
Lincoln School Team 8-2 teachers
Long, Steve and Catherine
Lynn, Barb and Tim
Lynn, Patty D.
Lynnettes School of Dance teachers
Magnesen, Mark and Sarah
Maheras, Tom
Malinowski family
McCarrick, Val and Joe
McDonough, Chuck and Susan
McGuff, Frank and Sam
Mendrala family
Millstein, Cary and Pam
Missauk, Mary Ann and Rob
Moore family
Morrero, Ricky and Wendy
Mozack family
Nashan, Jim and Karen
Nichols, Gail
Nusinson, Sally
Pellegrino, Michael
Perez, Donna and David
Perry, Amanda and Rob
Pigott, Tom and Sue
Prociv, Chris and R Leutz
Prugar, Jim and Mandray
Purciarello, Jim and Mary
Purtell family
Queue Marketing
Raup, Chuck and Cynthia Liu
Ribaudo family
Ribaudo, Nick and Mary Jean
Rochlani, Neeta and Chris Angus
Rothstein, Howard
Rouse family
Sampson, Tom and Bonnie
Sanfilippo, Patty and Bob
Sarno, Al and Lynn
Scapillato, Dr. and Mrs. James
Schilling family
Searer, Rick and Cathi
Sedler, Susan and Burch
Setlak, Dan and Ruth
Shikany, Paula
Simpson, Mark and Heather
Sodaro Family
Sonnefeldt, Jerry and Sue
Sontag, Janet
Soprych, Karen
Soprych, Kelly
Spahn, Kevin and Sue
Spear, Kathy and Brian
SPM Media Department (c/o KP Bowman)
Staggs family
Stolzer, Barb
Studinski, Chris and John
Thornton family
Tucker, Patty
Turim, Patty
Vinson, Nancy and Greg
Voss, Leigh Ann
Whipker, Nancy and Larry
Whitney, Mary
Wojcik Family
Zavos, Tom
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