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Family & friends of Kim Maka raising money for expenses not covered by insurance so she can get surgeries needed for nose, jaw, throat.

For years now, Kim has been suffering from chronic severe headaches, fatigue, and extreme TMJ (a condition kind of like arthritis of the jaw). It has been getting worse as we get older, so over a year ago we began a campaign of getting her tested and evaluated by every doctor-referred specialist we could, and we have gotten multiple second-opinions (which cost a small fortune itself). Through this process we have learned that in addition to the TMJ Kim has sleep apnea that is causing her fatigue and contributing to her headaches. It's caused by a combination of a deviated septum (one side is completely unconnected) and the way that her jaw is set, which compresses the air passageway in her throat (it's about the quarter of the size of an average adult's). In addition to miserable quality-of-life issues now, these could all lead to additional health complications down the road. Obviously we don't want Kimmie to suffer any further if we can help it, and we certainly don't want to risk more health issues by not getting this taken care of now. The good news is that we have a course of treatment that her doctors and the second opinions agree will correct these issues, eliminate their symptoms, and improve Kim's quality of life. The short version is that she needs at least a couple surgeries and top-and-bottom braces. The bad news is that there is a significant cost not covered by insurance, much of it up-front before we can even get started. Unfortunately, our personal financial resources are exhausted. In addition to expenses related to getting this far with Kim's condition, in the last year we've had to pay for our daughter, Maddie's braces, we've had car troubles, a couple of unexpected dental crowns, and as most of you know our house was hit by lightning last summer. Our credit cards are already nearly maxed out, and it's going to take us a while dig out from under that as it is. I am asking for your help (as most of you know, Kim would rather suffer in silence than ask anyone to go out of their way on her behalf) because it broke my heart to see how sad and hopeless Kimmie was to learn that there was a treatment plan that would end her pain and fatigue and prevent future problems but now we couldn't afford it. The amount we're hoping to raise won't cover all of our expenses when you factor in followup visits to her specialists, drugs, etc., but we feel we can manage the rest. Every little bit helps. Even if we can't raise the entire amount, if we can raise a good portion of it we should be able to at least finance enough to get the process started. We know you all have your own problems and your own expenses. If you're able to help us out at all, we will be overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for your help! --Chris

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