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This is the Glenn Seely Fundraiser. The funds will be used for medical costs and its related expenses, and home expenses as well.

Hello all,
My name is Erin Seely, and my father is Glenn. In late 2010 he was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer and has since then, fought to save his own life in every way possible. In December 2011, he was admitted to the hosptial because he was feeling very sick. After tests and scans, it was discovered that he had multiple tumors in his brain. One was at the base, putting a lot of pressure on his brain, causing his equilibrium to go off course, and leaving him with major migraines all the time. Then there were three more in the top left side of his brain, that the doctors could not remove, but instead would try and get rid of them using radiation.The doctors removed the major tumor in the base of his brain as best as they could, and shortly after coming home from the hospital and his injuries had healed, he began radiation for the other small tumors.While fighting for his life in all of this, Glenn came across books, videos, and many other forms of Natural Healing processes and cures. For about a year now, he had transformed the way he lived completely. He began only eating organic and natural foods, which are in theory supposed to help boost your immune system and fight off disease more efficiently. He then came across a Holistic Healing Center near our home called "Optimum Health Institute." It is based on spiritual disciplines that promote the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. He stayed there for three weeks, cleansing his body to try to get rid of the bad, and intake the good. While staying at OHI, he only ate raw foods. This past weekend, my dad came home from the Insitute. The following week, he went to his doctor to have scans done, to see if the tumors had gone down or dissapeard. The results were not what we were expecting. He has found out that the tumors in his brain have gotten bigger, and there are also more of them now. There is now one in his stomach and lung as well, and his oncologist gave him six months to live. Soon, he won't be able to work anymore, and being the main bread-winner in this family, he won't be able to support his family and pay the bills and expenses that come along with it all. My dad has sacrificed so much for the family his whole entire life, and I want to try my hardest to give a little back to him to make up for all he has done for me. He has taught me to be strong, and to be a good person, and I have the most loving respect for such a hardworking man. As a college student just starting my life as well, I don't have the money to help out like I want to, so this fundraiser I am starting is for him, to share our story with others and to get help with our expenses. I am not asking you to remorse or feel bad, we just simply need all the help we can get. I believe strongly in the fact that when you give something, you will always get something in return in any way, shape, or form. So please, donate to this fundraiser for my dad- I want to show him that I am proud for all that he has done for my family and myself, and I want to make it up to him and give a little back.Thank you to everyone who shares this story, donates, or even takes the time out of their day to even read about this fundraiser.

-Erin Seely
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