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Help Save Bailey And Her Unborn Puppies!

Bailey Is A 5 Year Old Large Female Tan Chihuahua She Was Born With Terrible Asthma And Minor Breathing Problems, I got her from a friend who rescued her from a very abusive home, which caused her to be very non-social and terrified of people.

When I got her she had just had her first litter of puppies, but the previous owner had sold them, soon after her I got a 5month old male black lab and border collie mix.

For the past year every time she went into heat he would mount her we tried separating them but it was unsuccessful, he never actually "entered" her every time he tried she would bite him and yelp it was a mutual process though, she would run to him when he was gone and he would go to her.

This last month she was in heat around thanksgiving ( 11-18-11-11-24-11 ) he "entered" her and now she is pregnant.

I do not have enough money to take her to a vet because just this month my 3month old male chihuahua got parvo and was going to die In the past I have had a dog who died from parvo and I couldn't let it happen again so I paid for all his Medical Bills and put my family in debt.

I am very worried about how the puppies will affect her, either they will grow too large and cause her internal damage and die because there isn't enough room to grow and that will cause her to die because she may not be able to expel them due to there lab/collie size.

Or she may carry them full term and try to deliver but it may not be successful again due to there lab/collie size I cannot stand the idea of spaying her and killing her puppies if i can save them.

Please help save Bailey and Her Puppies!

Thank You & God Bless
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