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Help my parents they are 51&52 right now and will finish payments in 2047 when they are 86&87.

This problem started in early 2000s, my dad worked for a global company, my mom was a stay at home mother, and we were in the process of buying 2 auto shops. While the sale was happening my dad quit his job because the amount of time he was having to put into this company. This was his way of becoming self employeed. Unfortunately we didn't know the man selling the shops to us was a thief, liar, pretty much all the worst possible things someone can be. My parents put so much time and money into these shops. We were in the middle of a lawsuit until 2004 and we barely had enough to pay our lawyers fees when it was all said and done, wasn't even a quarter of what we put into the shops. My mom started working because my dad was trying other various businesses to work for himself, unfortunately none of which made us any money just used more. During this time my parents were paying their taxes but it wasn't the yr they were due it was in the timeframe which it can be paid but there was interest being put on to it. Now its 2012 my mom has been at her job almost 9 yrs and my dad almost 8 yrs. Our issue is the governments interest they piled onto my parents. They are paying off $130,000+ to the federal government between today since its payday and 2017 which is the yr my baby brother will graduate from high school. In 2017, my dad will be 57 and my mom will be 56. But it doesn't end there, they have to pay the state of ga back for 30 yrs on top of that. So in the yr 2047 when ky dad is going to be 87 and my mom 86 they will be done paying back interest to the government. They have been doing ok since they lost the house in 2008. By ok, I mean they barely had any money after each pay week after everything was paid, (bills, food, rent, lunches for my brother, gas). They barely spent anything extra cause there was so little left. Now on top of everything I had to move back home this yr. In march I found out I have degenerative disc disease, in my L5-S1 I'm 22 yrs old be 23 in december and I have siatica, and haven't worked since January of 2012. So now my parents have to provide for me too. Since I'm not able to help right now I'm doing what I can. There's a lot more to our store details wise but this is the bottom line. My parents are going to he paying off interest until 2047 when they are 87 and 86 then they will be able to think about retirement. IF YOU FEEL THE URGE TO HELP US PLEASE DO. My dad feels like there's never going to be a day when they can breathe financially again. Help my parents be able to live again. Thanks for reading our story and if you feel you can help please do every penny really does help in this situation. -KAREN

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