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This website has been established by the Thorne family to assist with medical expenses (current and future).

Hemi was a cat abandoned by his owners when they moved away. He was skittish and malnourished as he roamed the neighborhood searching for food. Phyllis Thorne began feeding Hemi and after gaining his trust was able to take him to a local veterinarian for a check-up, where it was discovered that he had feline leukemia. She requested that Hemi be euthanized due to the disease. The Vet. suggested an alternative, that she be given a couple weeks to find Hemi a new home with one of the animal rights groups she worked with. She was apparently was unable to relocate Hemi, since no call was ever received.

During the month of June Phyllis began experiencing severe headaches -accompanied by bright flashes of light of various shapes and colors, in her right eye. A complete physical was scheduled for 6-12-2012. Her Physician basically gave her a clean bill of health and suggested that she contact her opthomologist concerning the problem with her eye. He indicated that he didn’t know the nature of the problem and suggested that she come back in a couple of weeks if it didn’t clear up. In the ensuing days her problems began to worsen, and she began losing strength in her left arm. She checked into the Emergency Room at Wake- Med North (1400 Falls Of The Neuse Rd.) on 6-14-2012. The attending Physician thought that perhaps she had had a light stroke and had her transported to Wake-Med, located at Newbern Ave. Raleigh NC, where a series of test were ran including an EKG, CAT SCAN, LUMBAR PUNCHER, and BRAIN BIOPSY Phyllis was discharged on from Wake Med on 6-22-2012 with a regiment of medications. Her problems worsened. She was taken to the Duke University Medical Center Emergency room on 6-29-2012. She was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed as having TOXOPLASMOSIS, which is caused by a parasite carried by cats. The parasites enter the blood stream and, in this case were eating away the brain.

While being treated for Toxoplasmosis she developed what is called the Steven Johnson Syndrome. It is basically a severe reaction to a drug, or drugs, being administered. In this case it was the ones being used to treat the Toxoplasmosis. Treatment for this condition is the same as that used to treat burn victims. On 7-13-2012 Phyllis was transported to the University of North Carolina Hospital Burn Center, where she is currently being treated. She has developed other medical problems as well. They consist of a blood colt in her left leg. A filter has been placed the vain to trap partials which might break lose and go to the heart or lungs which could pontentially be a fatal event. Pneumonia or infection, has been detected in her lungs, they are not sure. She is receiving dialysis and on a ventilator. Her neurological condition is unknown. She clings to life against all odds.

When she was last able to speak, she said “I don’t blame Hemi he had no place to go”.
The Thorne family thanks you for your donations.
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