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The day after our one-month-married anniversary, I rushed Beth to the hospital as she rapidly became paralyzed.

On May 19th Beth woke up with a numbness in her arm and a stiffness in her neck. What Beth and I initially dismissed as "sleeping on your side funny" snowballed into a sudden emergency room visit. Over the next 4 hours Beth lost the ability to move both arms as well as the ability hold up her body and head. She could no longer speak, and breathing was becoming difficult. That night she was moved to the ICU and was intubated. The next day she was moved to Mass General Hospital. Beth lost the ability to open her eyes and her symptoms were so severe that it affected the muscles that allow her pupils to dilate. She lost the ability to move completely. A week later was given a tracheostomy.

Beth was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS). It is a rare syndrome that is not well understood. GBS strikes after the body fights and beats a mild infection like a cold or mild food poisoning. After the body beats the intial infection the immune system doesn't shut down and starts to attack the coating of the nerve cells. Luckily GBS ignores the brain and spinal chord and the damage is unlikely to be permanent. Unfortunately that means Beth is fully aware of her situation and trapped inside her own body. Beth is expected to make a full recovery, but it will likely take a grueling year for her nerves to recover. Additionally Beth could experience long term weakness and pain for another year after leaving the hospital.

This all happened very suddenly and unexpectedly. Beth was never able to change her name and still has her maiden name on all the hospital records. We also had just moved to a new apartment, and never finished unpacking and getting settled. Luckily with the help of our new combined family we were able to get everything sorted.

Currently Beth is in a rehab hospital and is beginning the long road to recovery. She is through the acute phase of the syndrome, and can only improve from here. The rehab therapists tell us that her recovery is strong, but it will still be very slow. Rehabilitation is very exhausting and very painful for Beth. She will no doubt be in the hospital for quite a long time, relearning how to move and breathe.

I would ask you to please consider donating to the fund to help cover the costs of medical bills, out of pocket costs for the family, and any future modifications that will be needed to aid transitioning Beth back to her home. If you do not wish to donate please feel free to leave Beth a message. Even just a simple show of support is more than welcome. We ask you to please respect Beth's and her family's privacy during this stressful time. Thank you for reading.

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