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Tess' incisors are coming in at an angle behind her front teeth, eroding her teeth & bone. Please help us afford to take care of this.

Braces and orthodontia are pretty much every parent's nightmare, including my own... Of course, we want our kids to LOOK great and have beautiful, straight teeth — but it's not only about that — it's more often about their actual dental health.

In Tess' case, her incisors are growing in at a horrible angle towards her not-fully-grown-in front adult teeth. If they continue on their intended path, she is looking at bone loss, the eventual loss of at least two of her front teeth later in her life, and the more cosmetic issues...

This can be fixed rather easily with a palate/jaw expander, braces, and a retainer — but it is not cheap and I am unfortunately unable to provide Tess with dental insurance. And while there are some services available through dental schools and low-income clinics, I feel like all of my adult dental problems could have been avoided, had I not had to go those routes as a child. I want better for my daughter and she deserves it. She already has gum pain in the areas where these teeth are rubbing against each other beneath the gum-line and the sooner we get started fixing this, the better she will feel, and the better the outcome will be for the future of her teeth.

Tess is also the first person in my family who has not been terrified of dentists from the outset. This is due to our seeing a great, sensitive dentist who understands how frightening these things can be and has the chair-side manner to allay these fears. I truly believe that this is the path to actually ending up with all of one's teeth in their mouth when they reach adulthood. Lord knows I'm missing more than a few of my own...

Please help us get this important dental work taken care of, Tess and I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

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