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To: The State of Florida Senate We request that you simply change your laws banning glass pipes and bongs in Florida.

Floridians simply do not agree with Bill 49 because it stops glass blowers from being able to express themselves. Glass blowing is considered a type of art and many folks live off their glass blowing artwork and craft. The authorities should not have the ability to take away an individual’s ability to express who they are.

The punishments imposed are very ridiculous and extreme. The government considers the use or possession of what they feel is “drug paraphernalia a Felon now in the State of Florida. This means, someone will no longer have the right to vote because they are going to be considered a Felon, even if they own a brand new, unused glass pipe or bong.

We have a plan to finally put a stop to this bill.

American citizens everywhere can let the authorities know that we will not continue to let them take our rights away and that we are standing up for our rights. Floridians believe in the 10th Amendment which says the Federal Government has only been given the ability to pass laws on things and issues over whichthe Constitution actually has control.

Join us in the fight to stop Florida’s House Bill 49!

At, we believe that everyone should have the ability to express themselves and we need to stop Bill 49 immediately. Our website has a variety of of the best water pipes.

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