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Please help us save our rescue pup's life, and keep our other rescue pup from being devistated by loseing his best friend!

Please, our beloved rescue dog needs help!!! 4 & 1/2 years ago I stopped at a local dog pound (new britain animal control) to give out treats to the pups, little did i know I would not just be giving treats that day, but saving a life. A 1 year old large emaciated American Bulldog who looked like he had been through the ringer was more interested in given kisses then eating treats. Long story short, it was close to closing and i was told he was going to be put to sleep that evening, instead he was named Captain Morgan, and started a new life! My shadow, my best friend, and my everyday reminder that even in our darkest hour we must love and live everyday to it's fullest. September 20,2012 @ 2pm, Captain got off the couch, dropped to the floor motionless, but aware, with uncontrollable head tremors. Since that moment when Captain and my heart hit the floor, every time he relaxes or falls asleep, within minutes the head tremors start, wake him and last from 2 to 25 minutes . Our wonderful VMD Robert Stone @ VCA Bristol Animal Hospital, has run every test he can trying to help Captain. These tests have shown that Captain Most likely has Cushing's disease. Captain needs 3 tests to confirm this, just the tests will cost about $1000. After confirming that diagnoses he will need life long treatment and medications, with that he can have more happy years with us, without it, it will basically cause all is major organs to fail. Captain has been started on a liver med and antibiotics because his liver enzymes are elevated (most likely because of the cushing's). But this does not explain the head tremors, And captain can't start the testing and treatments for Cushing's if he is not healthy! Dr. stone has informed us that Captain needs to see a dog neurologist to find out why he's having head tremors and treat them. the neurology testing will be $2000+ right off the bat. Captain has started a seizure med to try and help the tremors while we figure out how to pay for all these medical expenses, which he is haveing side effects from, he is stumbling, falling,and can't even get on & off the couch by himself. we are told this may pass.So far the med has not stopped or helped decrease the tremors. In just the past 2 weeks the med bills and meds have cost just over $1000. Depending on what the neurologist finds Captain"s medical could keep going up,up, up! Please, help us help him. Captain, has a way with children and people with disabilities that is something special, even with as week as he is he still tries to meet every child he can. Captain is so special he has even been the key to reforming our rescue pitbull (rescued from waterbury animal control) , Tyson(who was so afraid he couldn't be around people or other animals). Tyson is now a playful loving dog that spends every moment by Captains side Heartbroken and worried about his furry brother. When Captain has to stay with the vet for testing, we come home to find Tyson confused, afraid and searching for Captain. With the bond they have I fear if we can't come up with the funds for Captains medical, it will destroy all the hard work we have put in to giving both of these dogs a chance at life. I will do my best to keep everyone updated as to how Captain and Tyson are doing. Thank you for taking the time to read about Captain's need and for any donation and or prayer given.

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