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What you need to know today. Why This matters NOW

Posted by Anna Clara Dick on February 20th, 2014


If you have read all of my stories, I hope you have gained a little bit of insight to Tabitha's life. I strongly encourage all of you to check out and read her blog. She is a fascinating person to get to know. 

Tabitha was officially deemed cancer free in October.

She is a survivor. But still fighting. Tabitha was excited to be able to go home, to be with her husband and kid, to live a normal life again. Unfortunately she is still in a foreign state, living in a facility to date. Tabitha's body began struggling with recuperation from chemo and all of the medications. and after all of the milestones and accomplishments, several months after a sucessfull transplant, Tabitha's body is still not responding on its own. Her blood platelets are not forming on their own keeping her at risk for basically anything that a normal person could normally handle. This has kept her health low, but her spirits are still up! she has had many milestones, including being able to walk up and down stairs recently, and we are so proud of her! her body is still fighting strong, and while doctors don't currently know exactly what is causing the issue, They are working hard on her health and recovery.

During the first few months of her post cancer struggle, Tabitha began to go through a devastating divorce. Something that noone should ever have to endure, especially during such a difficult time. Again, this came as a shock to me, because SHE does not complain. She keeps on fighting. 

Tabitha is currently on 22 medications and counting.

Recently, she lost her financial stability and funding for those medications that are VITAL for her recovery. I recently found out Tabitha has skipped some of her most important meds because they cost over 500 dollars, and her small disability checks were already consumed from the other perscriptions. These medications are keeping her alive. Going without not only will keep her healing at a hault, but could potentially be a huge draw back in her treatment. Her insurance pays for her treatment 100%, but she is responsible for 80% of her perscription costs until a 10000$ is met.

My goal today is to invite as many of you as I possibly can to love Tabitha the way I do, and to help me raise funds to help her get her medications on time, and heal!

Tabitha is an incredible and strong woman, And her teenage son is patiently awaiting for his mommy to come home. She needs out help! 

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to look through our cause. Tabitha thanks you for helping her at a new chance in life!

I created a realistic goal of 3 thousand dollars, but would like to raise as much money as she will need to over come this, especially seeing as she will lose her insurance coverage when her divorce is finalized. Please help in any way you can. When she regains her health, Tabitha will be faced with a new world and a new shot at life with her son Jared, but its important that we help today to make that happen! 100% of profits will be given to Tabitha Streetman.

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