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Interactions with Tabitha

Posted by Anna Clara Dick on February 20th, 2014


Tabitha and I met about 5 years ago (roughly) when we both began our new lives in Salt lake city Utah. I had just moved out of my parents house on my own, she had just moved from the south in search of herself. I loved her since the second she opened her mouth with that southern accent very strongly present. Tabitha is hillarious. Quite possibly one of the funniest people I know. Add a southern accent to that, and you are automatically drawn in. We spent weeks in training for Verizon....during long tedious hours of technicality, we would laugh and joke and quite honestly I would have not made it through that long training if she wasn't around. She is just one of those people that make tedious moments non existent. Our friendship continued on through training and work, and though I quit for health reasons shortly after, we continued our social media friendship via FB where I would continue to enjoy her sarcastic humor, while imagining it being said in a strong southern accent. Tabitha moved to Logan with her teenage son, shortly after meeting her then husband.  during this time, i have chatted with Tabitha via facebook, and once in a while recieved lovely cards, stickers, or little reminders of our friendship and her remembrance of me. I had never had a friend who was so particular to details like that. She is a keeper right? Watching her fight through cancer has been an enormous life change for me. I have learned the true meaning of struggle and the true meaning of the importance of life. NOT ONCE did she complain. at least not to the extent most would have. She continued her humorous facebook posts and sarcastic personality as if nothing was different, only she has been living in a facility, and not her home where she belongs.

I asked tabitha to tell me a little more about herself... her goals and her dreams things i didnt know about her... but I find that its better understood when put into her own words. 

"Well you know my story. I was sick of my life. I loaded my my kid 2 cats my 2 two turtles and whatever would fit in my car. If it didn't fit it didn't go with me. I had no job. No place to live. I just knew wasn't happy and I wanted a new life and to start over."

"....Met Steven, got married, Met him on eharmony
Celebrated our one year anniversary on sept 28. Got diagnosed on feb 15"

me- So, what are some of your dreams in life? what's ahead?

"One of my lifetime goals was to go to film school and work for Disney. I sold my home and moved to Orlando and did both, I was 17 when jared was born, Finished high school with an advanced degree, went on to college, I have an a.s. In general studies. I have my CPhT...Finish my bachelors. I am six classes short but had to drop out...then my masters.
I want to be alive to see my grand babies
Aren't all cancer patients supposed to say that!!? Lol"

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