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The Family and Friends of Kathy Turner are joining hands to help aid in her battle with breast cancer. Thank you for all your support.

Kathy was diagnosed with Stage lllB Breast Cancer in July 2011. Her prognosis was very poor, some doctors calculating she only had months to live. It was a devastating message. But Mom knows that God is in control.

Unfortunately, many of our family members have battled Cancer and Mom knew quite a bit about protocols and conventional therapies; chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. She has been a long time researcher and believer in natural remedies. Now, she earnestly began investigating Alternative Cancer Therapies. She went to one of the top ten Alternative Doctors in the country, in California, and read every bit of medical information, pamphlets, journals, etc., she could get her hands on. This doctor's own husband died of Colon Cancer, undergoing conventional treatment, which prompted her to become an Alternative Doctor.

What Kathy discovered in working with this doctor was that there are several, proven, effective, alternative therapies for treating Cancer. Additionally, even when chemotherapy is needed, there are methods of delivery that target the drugs specifically to the Cancer cells, and thus are less damaging to the rest of the body. So in essence, the "alternative" part is simply administering the same chemotherapy drug in a way that has little or no impact on healthy cells.

The doctor in California could not provide this therapy, due to state laws.

So, Kathy went to Mexico. There she received this treatment, along with others, and saw a 50% reduction in tumor size, and no spreading to other sites, which, was the overwhelming and immediate concern due to the aggressive diagnosis. Kathy was in Mexico for 4 months.

Then, she learned of a doctor in the DFW Metroplex who had received FDA approval to do a type of study that involved not all, but the core therapy of targeted chemo, that she was receiving in Mexico. Although it was frightening to leave behind some of the therapies that might be contributing to her improvements, the comfort and benefit of being home prompted her to return and she continues this therapy today.

As hard as it is to conceive, insurance companies will not pay for treatment that is delivered this way, nor will they pay for therapies that support and improve immune function, even though that is central to health. Every claim submitted has been denied. Thus the costs of treatment for Kathy have been astronomical. 401K's, savings, home, other assets, have been liqudated to continue treatment. Many friends and family have already helped Mom and Dad enormously with these costs, and their help has been critical.

I wish you all knew my Mother like I do. Of course, she is concerned for her own health, and fighting for her life. In fact, her doctors all agree, much of her progress has been due to her own extensive research, questioning, networking and faith. But at the same time that she is fighting for herself, she is thinking of others and is determined to get the information and knowledge she has acquired out to others. She wants to start a non-profit organization so she'll have a format for research and exchange of information, for fund-raising and assisting others with the impossible costs of treatment, and she wants to find ways to impact laws that restrict both patients and doctors. She's always been this way, ready to help someone else at a moment's notice. But, her own battle with Cancer has given her a laser focus and she is determined to not only beat it, but help others as well.

If you can help in any way, please do. I can't begin to tell you what it will mean to my Mother and my family. And one day, I believe, we'll see her non-profit help many more.

God Bless You.

The Turner Family, Wright Family, Prevost Family, Luther Family, D'Agostino Family, Crouse Family, Allen Family, Lyons Family, Tanner Family, Clark Family

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