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We would like to raise money to help off set the cost of infertility treatments.

Hello, My name is Heather please take a few minutes out of your time to read this short back ground about me.I grew up like most little girls happy as could be playing dress up and house. Every youngster has a set goal in mind on what they would like to be when they grow up. Mine was to be a mommy. For all the years I adored kids and couldnt wait to grow up and have my own.I was premature born two months eairly weighing in at a little over 2 pounds. I always seemed rather healthy and was much like kids my age. When I reached my teen years (16)things didnt go as planed and my female parts wasnt like "normal" I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian failure/Pituitary Microadenoma. I was quite scared not knowing what my future held I was sure that this was just a small road block in my journey to one day become a mother.What are those diseases might you ask? Premature ovarian failure isnt the "normal" loss of function of the ovaries POF is not the same as a natural menopause, in that the dysfuncion of the ovaries, loss of eggs, or removel of the ovaries at a young age is not a natural physiological occurance. Some times POF can be attributed to autoimmune disorder or other genetic disorder such as Turner Syndrome or Fragile X syndrome. A Pituitary Microadenoma is a benign( non-cancerous) growth in the pituitary gland that is smaller than 10 millimeters in size. Each type of microadenoma causes different symptoms, depending on the type of hormone that is being produce. Hormones such as Prolactin,Growth hormone ATCH, and tyroid.They can cause headaches,vomitting, Dizziness.Although I cannot tell you what turner syndrome or Fragile X syndrome is as I have neither one of those I do have POF with no underlying cause. I can say at 16 I was mourning the loss of a child I never had. Those sleepless nights those pregnancy pains that horrible labor I looked forward to one day was washed away. Over the years to now at 21 Ive been to numerous Dr's and specialist, Some include Endocrineologist to Neuro surgeon . All of wich I was left feelin empty,empty because there was nothing they could do for me but tell me I was young, I had hope I had a 5% chance and that was all the hope I needed to know one day my little miracle would be here and I as a young woman would be complete. I got married, and couldnt be happier we decided the time was right to start our journey for a family. I booked an appointment and were well on the road right? Dont worrie I thought so too. As time went on the days grew shorter and the nights grew longer Waiting for test results, Watching babies I loved so dear look me in the eyes like I wanted my own child to see me. While I attended baby showers, Reunions, The birth of my very own youngest brothers. There I stood Childless with the burdon of not knowing weather or not I would ever be a mother, Not knowing weather or not I could make my husband one day a father. I was told I had no chance of having a baby on my own. But I had faith on god, my family and my body that one day this horrible dream would be washed away. But it didnt that horrible news turned into more tests, and heartache,more mothers to be that wasnt me. I had a dreaded phone call on October 5th that I had no chance that my "eggs" wasnt there .. that my only hope was gone needed to have donor eggs, and IVF. I cryed like any woman would I beged and pleaded to hope maybe it was another bad dream I have yet to wake up from? But it wasn't its reality that one dream I always had is not so easy for me.Some dream of big houses and shiney new cars. Our dream is to have a baby of our own. We long to know the joy of our childs first step, the dreaded first day of school, the excitment of graduation in our childs eyes. All I ask is look inside your heart,look at those beautiful creations that you hold dear and know its a wonderful oportunity to be a mother and to be a father. I know with you reading this its enough to raise awareness. I place no obligation for you to donate your time is enough for me. Our medical bills will always rise, Our loans maybe maxed and our incomes maybe drained but to know you took that time to read the words from my heart means alot to us and we thank you.
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