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Please help our ran down beloved dog Peanut. She is only 8 months and been through hell and back!

Please help!! Our dog peanut who is just 8 months old was ran over by a car on a country road!! We got Peanut 3 months ago off of craigslist. She has already been passed back and fourth to 3 homes until she found her forever home with us. Peanut was abused, we can just tell because when we got her if you lifted your hand to pet her she cowerd down and ran and hit in a corner! When we went to get her the house reeked of pee and poop so our guess is that she was never taken outside. When we got her home she flipped out when a leash was put on her to walk her! She refused to go. Well my daughter was walking out the door (she's 11 and the dog ran behind her and right out in the road where a car was flying up the street and hit her! Didn't bother to stop. Peanut was lying in the road and we thought she was dead until she blinked a eye. We rushed her to a vet where the vet said amazingly she has no broken bones but a took a bad hit to the head and if she started getting symptoms of a blood clot she would need a scan! She forgot us all and forgot her playmate star. the vet says it is normal to forget. And my daughter saw her get hit and thats something she will never forget. We thought Peanut was going to be fine but 3 nights ago her nose started bleeding and she is having seizures 3 times a day so its time to get the catscan but the problem is my daughter has been sick since age 3 and lives at the hospital basiclly so we have 1000's of medical bills! Thats why I am asking for help. I would like to get her the scan and also build a small fence and doggy door so she can go potty outside and enjoy being a dog without running back in the road! Can anyone please help us! I am a huge animal lover and spend 14 hours a day on facebook crossposting for animals at shelters who need homes. I also donate but this time I need help. I am doing a fundraiser..anyone who donates anything will be entered to win a $100.00 Visa Card to spend how like like. Please make donations via paypal to Thank you all very much for reading. This is also a Raffle..Someone will win a $100 pre paid visa gift card to do as they wish :)
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