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The family & friends of Tom Stueber are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against esophageal cancer. Please show your support.

I want to tell you about my best friend, my sons father, my husband Tom Stueber. He is a very dedicated worker and always thinking of others needs before himself. He works hard and puts his clients first. He never likes to miss work, call in sick or leave work unfinished. Now things have changed, for the past month he has not been feeling well and just thought it was all stress related do to our financial problems. We have a house in South Carolina that has been a very large burden and just wont sell, we have had to find a new rental home in North Carolina because our lease was up, I lost my job in December and have luckily found another part time position, but less hours and less pay and we have college to worry about for our oldest son. Then Tom thought he might have a touch of the flu last week and then he was having trouble keeping any solid food down and then he started throwing up blood. He lost 20 pounds in a month. He went to the doctor who was not happy with the condition he saw Tom in and put him into the hospital for tests at the same time of our rental move. On Sat. March 2nd he was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. He has stage 2c-3a. The tumor is about 3 inches in size and blocks most of his esophagus. He has to be on a liquid diet and can not do his job which is being a service plumber. The doctors want to be very aggressive and have started treatment right away. He has already started radiation which is 5 days a week and chemo which is 1 day a week. He has to do both of these for 8 weeks and then a cool down period for 8 weeks and then in July major surgery. We are doing all of this running around with just 1 car. These past 2 weeks I drop our 2 sons off at school, go to work for 4 hours or so, run home and Tom goes to his treatments and runs back so that we can get our sons to either work, doctors appointments or sporting events. He finds out this week how much and what type of work his employer will be able to let him do. Hopefully he will be able to work in the office 32 to 35 hours a week, if not our troubles will be even worse which will cause him more stress and effect his healing. He does have insurance, but the deductible and out of pocket are large, and put a very large strain on us. Then without being able to do much at work we are in a large financial spot with not much income coming in and 2 houses to pay for. We are asking for assistance to help cover the medical expenses that the insurance wont cover and for the living expenses for the next 6 months while Tom is going through treatment and for any additional months in which he may have to continue chemo. With the help of family and friends and other generous individuals, we will be able to still function and not get into further debt and ease the worry in Toms mind so that he can concentrate on getting better and win the battle against this awful cancer. Tom puts up a good atitiude towards his illness, but one can see it in his eyes that he is worried and upset that he has let his family, friends and clients down. Please help us so that he can continue to be there for us all.
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