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A year after Chris's catastrophic accident, your generous gifts will help with expenses not covered by insurance.

It's difficult to believe that it's a full year since Chris had his accident. A Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI. It changed his life and all of ours immediately: everything just stopped. The impact was felt by countless family members, friends, students and colleagues in such a profound way, both here and Ireland alike. We missed our son, uncle, brother, husband, teacher, confidant, sage, poet, writer and friend.

Your support has been felt on a daily basis. A true commitment to how he has touched all our lives. Today, he realizes how blessed he is!

After ten days in a coma, he woke with severe damage to his speech center. He has progressed through two weeks in ICU, three months in Inpatient Rehab and seven months in Outpatient Rehab. Not unexpectedly, he has exceeded all initial projections! He has had to relearn every body and mind function and he has persevered and battled to get where he is today. His fierce determination has kept him going. He graduated from Physical and Occupational Therapy in February and continues with Speech and Cognitive Therapy. TBI's need major commitments from their patients, time, will power and sleep being the top three. This is a painstakingly slow process and gains are seen in weeks and months. Chris needs us now more than ever as he continues this odyssey. It's unclear as yet what the outcome will be, but with intensive therapy, there is always a chance for a full recovery.

Chris' life-long passion has been, truly, a commitment to excellence in teaching. His love of literature, poetry and theatre has greatly assisted his work in the classroom. He challenges his students to push the boundaries, to take ownership and risks, to strive for artistic accomplishment with the focus on cinema, writing and pure self-expression.

We all feel the need to have him back in our lives, to pat him on the back, to shake his hand and tell him how much he means to us. Your love and prayers have been felt this year and have helped to propel him forward with his therapy regime and God willing, to return to us all once again, whole, engaged, humble, empathetic, waist-coated, bearded, running late and smiling from ear to ear!

It is indeed, Chris's need that opened the door to this fundraiser.

Your generous donations will pay for a complete Neurological Assessment, an intensive and in-depth testing of all brain functions. Using these findings, a new plan and path forward will be devised. Donations will pay for additional daily speech and cognitive therapy.

Chris has graduated from Mt Sinai's Brain Injury Program and will start at Beth Israel's Brain Injury Program downtown in October. He is doing valiantly, always pushing forward and continues to make significant gains as we all knew he would.

Chris wishes to send his affectionate and deepest thanks for your continued love and support.


Each earthly revelation rises, beating
its new wings through the pulse,
casting a shadow of sudden stillness.
Here memory snatches some remnant
from renewable blaze of bone and wing,
and I learn again how love permits complexities
to grow, then burns this new compound
to simple matter, changed.

My love turns quickly in a shaft of light,
leaves shattered into colours at your
and all that we have known together
shines through the window of that moment.
Or as I leave my childhood home again
I see my mother's younger face,
my father sluffs his aging form
and they are what they were before I came.

Light burns in flames of tree and stone,
our bodies flickering through years,
and we touch and call out names
because one life cannot sustain
the weight of truths untouchable as air.

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