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It takes years to train Service dogs.. they help save lives HELP SAVE MINE Wendy Henry

Hello.My Name Is Wendy Henry .
Here we go... Imagine getting up one day and life as you know it changed forever... what would you do if someone told you that you wouldn't ever walk again?

3 years ago I was a business owner, mother of four, wife, and walking. Until one morning I woke up and noticed my feet felt tingling, like they where asleep. I went to work with Danny( My wonderful Husband) like usual and though out the day the tingling spread up my legs, i though i had just slept funny and it would go away.. it felt like they where asleep. after the lunch rush I told Danny the it this tingling wasn't going away.. we called out primary care doctor and went in right away. When we go there she told Danny to get me to the ER right away.. buy the time we got there (it took 15 min) I was completely paralyzed and having trouble breathing, he had to carry me in. In the ER they did a spinal tap, MRI, CAT scan .. and my diagnosis was Gillian Barre Syndrome ( most people do even know what it is). I was admitted to Baptist Hospital downtown, I was put on breathing machines, all i could think about was I cant die, I have to fight, I'm a fighter. SO IVs, catheters they started steroids, and IVIG to try and stop the paralysis so that i would not end up in a coma. Withing the first few days I don't think I got much rest, i went through several nerve conduction studies, blood transfusions.. then started to have seizures, the Dr's say the two are not related. The few first week were a blur, the paralysis started to diminish in my arms and I started to breath on my own. The Dr's started another treatment called Plasma Pharisees in hope that I would regain some feeling below my chest. They kept telling me to be patient that it will take time, which i understood, 6 weeks went by and finally they moved me out of the ICU.. Still no feeling below my waist, but at least i had feeling in my arms and chest. So I started physical therapy in bed at the hospital. At least i got some exercise, for someone that couldn't stand in one place before this, to being stuck in the bed the movement was energizing. Another week goes by and I see 2 more specialists.. Anxiously awaiting the finally decision... They told me and Danny I would never walk again.
In the last 3 years I have had 4 relapses where the paralysis started to move back up into my chest, the last one at Easter this year, ICU again I was completely out of it but one thing I remember is Danny leaning over me telling me that I COULD NOT LEAVE HIM, that I was a fighter.. And I am. 2 months after I get to go home. I will always be paralyzed from my waist down and I have seizures that sometimes are controlled by meds.

Everyone asks what caused it .. did I have an accident, back problems, ect.. ? the answer is no I didn't I simply woke up one morning and within 18 hours I was paralyzed and my life changed forever. Is there a cure? NO, Dr's don't even know what causes Gillian Barre.. But I write to you asking for help. Two years ago I applied for a Service dog, since I am home alone all day, kids at school, Danny at work.. I am afraid that something might happen.. you ask what a service dog can do to help. I will be getting a seizure response dog also it will be trained to help me in the wheelchair, with doors, lights, even being able to reach a hairbrush can be hard sometimes, it will help me get some independence back.. and boy before all this independence was my middle name ;0)

I can tell you that out of all this my life has grown, its like having a hole new perspective on life. A psychiatrist told me ... " You can choose to sit in the corner and sulk.. or LIVE the life you have"

Dear Friends & Family,

I have some very good news to share with everyone I applied for a service dog 2 years ago.. I have been excepting with Paws with a Cause to receive my service dog. This means that I will be adding a great companion to my life. It will help me with mobility getting around these days is a little Slow, He/She will be able to help with opening doors, turning on lights, ...helping pick up things that have fallen to the floor, also i suffer with seizures therefor it will also provide seizure response. This will allow me the freedom to become more independent.

The service Dog is provided at no charge , but it can take a couple years before its delivered they are trained specifically for you need.. Wow.. I know... One way we can help shorten the time is to help with fund raising, sponsors, car washes... anything to raise money. $30,000. Many of my friends and family have asked what they might be able to do to help to shorten the time it will take.... Well there is a few ways..
*Make a donation towards my future dog to Paws with a Cause

On line at
Call (800)253-7297
The goal is to raise $30,000 .. Even though there is no cost to me. I would like to help contribute since Paws cannot start looking for my dog until the goal is met.
If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email or you can call Paws with a cause directly.

XO Wendy Henry
Every $1 helps.... I need Help.. Please
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