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Charlie's Challenging Surgeries!

Posted by Keren Lynn on March 19th, 2014


Charlie had a big surgery day and this is his Mom's update :

Dr. told me that charlie needs his Nissen revised and possibly a few other things done while he is under anesthesia. Its an easy 10 hour surgery. Charlie will be transferred to the pediatric ICU unit!! Woo hoo!! Those are our people!! They know charlie so well. Scary that he has to be in the ICU but its where I'm most comfortable.....

Its 4 pm. Charlie is still in surgery. They don't have a time frame yet on how long he will be....he had to have his gtube site revised (moved)....and is not working on his Nissen Fundoplication. They had to move the catheter from his VP Shunt over so it doesn't get infected. And they managed to place a central line in his neck.

Almost 6 p.m. and Charlie is out of surgery!!! Talked with his was a very difficult surgery. (Should we expect anything less??) And it was over 3 hours of him trying to get through scar tissue. His original Nissen was in tact but his stomach and stitches had migrated. He lost a lot of blood. His potassium is low. I cant wait to see my munchkin!!!!

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