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I am a disabled Veteran who lives in North Carolina.

I have liver disease and have developed some other conditions because of the liver disease. I have personal debt that takes all, but $220.00 of my disability check each month. I need help paying off my loans and my personal debt so I can afford to take care of myself.
I have a condition called ascites that is caused by my liver not being able to process out all my fluids anymore. The fluid builds up in my abdomen and has to be drained out every two weeks. The fluid causes me to be short of breath all the time because it pushes on my lungs. It also causes me to lose weight because it pushes on my stomach and makes it smaller and makes it think it is full.
In North Carolina to get the fluid drained I have to go an hour and a half away to the nearest VA hospital every two weeks. If I could afford to pay for AARP health insurance I could do it at the local hospital.
 I have always had good jobs in my life and paid my own way, but now on disability I haven't got the money to do anything else after paying my bills. Any help in this will be greatly appreciated.


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