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My Siberian Husky "Kinko" is fighting the Hereditary Cataracts.. Please help our beloved husky and show your support!

Lets pretend that this story was about an 11 month old baby. His mother gave him up for adoption at 5 weeks old. Ever since then, he was destined to be apart of our family of five. Two sons, one dog, and my wife and I have welcoming him. Now, like all babies, this one was unsure of his surroundings. Beautiful as can be this baby did nothing but restless crying.

After a month in with the baby, he was still restlessly crying and sounded like he would not break this issue anytime soon. We fed him and we assured him he was okay but it took some time for him to adapt. At 5 months old the baby was more independent and happy (crazy as it may sound). He was always playing and getting into things he shouldn't. When he was 6 months old we noticed him scratching at his leg. It appeared that he had an extra toe. It seemed to be hurting him badly and was becoming a serious issue. So e took him to the doctor and they said he needed surgery to remove this extra toe so he wouldn't be in pain anymore. With no questions asked, we did went ahead with the surgery and afterwards he was as happy as ever.

At 10 months old is when things started to get bad. This baby was in serious pain. He was crying alot about his left eye. He was always blinking, squinting, and scratching his eye. However, that it was too late that night to call the doctor to ask about it so we decided to sleep on it. The next day he seemed fine. So we thought it was nothing.

At 11 months to date.... We notice his left eye had a cloudy look to it and we thought something wasn't right. Two days later after notice his left eye, his right eye experienced the exact same irritation the left eye did the past month. So I decided this was it. We needed to find out what was happening so that's exactly what we did. We took him to a doctor who said that he was in no experience with detailed eye problems as this, so he sent us to a specialist.

Now don't forget that we did not have any insurance for this child. So taking him into this doctor was $90.00 and on top of that he had a bit of a rash so we got a rash ointment which was another $125.00. Now we went to the specialist and found out that he had cataracts in both eyes and that he needed surgery or he would go blind. Now im thinking to myself how in the world did my baby go blind so young? What is hapining? So we asked the specialist how much the surgery would cost and she said $5.000.00 for everything.

After taking all this in, we called many insurance companies. Half of them said that they don't cover pre-existing conditions and the other half said they don't cover elective surgerys. My baby who must now receive daily eye drops has a 1 month window left to still be considered a good candidate for surgery. The appointment with the specialist cost $300.00 on top of the $125.00 that I had to charge to my care credit card. So now I'm $425.00 in dept and growing. This little boy has had nothing but problems and now hes going to go blind...

Now think of this story being about a dog that has all the tributes of this baby boy. Please look into your hearts and realize this story was based on a family member and not just a dog. I'm indesparate need of help. My dogs eyes can be saved. I'm only 23 years old with house payment, credit payments now, utilitys, and my job is seasonal. I'm on my hands and knees. He is in need of surgery now to keep him from going blind. Please show us your support in any way you can and we will be extremely greatful.
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