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In "08, 36 yr old Cindy was voted as Teacher of the Year by The HERALD DEMOCRAT. In May of 09 she was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer.

For two years Cindy was at the bedside of her older sister who finally succumbed to cancer. Through the difficulty of it all, Cindy moved forward with her life as a preschool teacher, enrolled at Colorado Mountain College to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Development, and worked part time at an outdoor school of self-discovery.
In May of '09 she was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and immediately started receiving chemo therapy, radiation, and endured a double massectomy. She was forced to set aside her schooling, job, and all other activities, her and her husband's time became consumed by medical treatments and daily 100 plus mile trips to the Cancer Center and other Hospitals.
Three months following her diagnosis, her husband lost his job of 10 yrs as Facilities Manager, loosing family insurance and other benefits.
Following treatments she was rushed to the ER in Vail to have a cyst removed from her ovary, and after reconstruction had started she was once again rushed to Vail as the scar tissue over her right implant had disolved which led to an infection. For this her implant had to be removed and reconstruction was delayed 8 months for the skin to heal. Later she had to have a skin graft (latisimus flap) to allow for reconstruction. It was determined the disolved scar tissue was a result of the radiation, which also had cause visual impairment for which lasic surgery is now required.
October 10th Cindy received her final operation for reconstruction. The stress and anxiety has increased to the point where just hearing the word surgery would put Cindy in great emotion distress. She was so happy it was all over.
Then at 9:30 p.m. on October 15th, Cindy was stricken with severe abdominal pains and cramps and was rushed by ambulance to the ER in Leadville. Blood tests and a CT scan were given and came back negative. Cindy was given dimeral for pain, observed for 3 hrs. and sent home. The next morning, at 9:30, she experienced the same symptoms, again went to the ER, again all tests came back negative, and after 3 hrs was again sent home. At 2:30 p.m., same thing. Her husband got her in the car and drove her to Vail where she was given blood tests, a CT scan, and was immediately prepped for surgery for an inflamed gall bladder. OR staff had been cautioned about stitches still in Cindy's right breast from her last reconstructive surgery. Having had her gall bladder removed her and her husband were told she would need a couple days to recover, her husband returned home. October 20th the doctors reported that Cindy's bilirubin was at 6 and continuing to elevate. It was determined a gall stone was blocking her bile duct and she would have to go to Glenwood Springs so a specialist could remove it. Her husband picked her up at 6:30 a.m. Sunday and drove her to Glenwood Springs and immediately upon arrival Cindy was prepped for surgery. During the two hour drive she was suffering from extreme anxiety and depression. Following the surgery Cindy and her husband were informed that a gall stone had been blocking the bile duct, a stint was put in to help the duct drain and that in 3 wks the stint would have to be removed. Her husband returned home. At 8:15 p.m. the hospital called and informed him that Cindy was in pre-op as her bilirubin had climbed to 15. She would go into surgery at 8:30. so he returned to Glenwood Springs arriving there at 10:30, Cindy came out of the operating room at 10:40. Prognosis; the stint had become clogged and was pushing out, it was removed and the sphincter muscle of the bile duct had been cut to enlarge it to allow for drainage of the duct.
Following this procedure, Cindy was placed in recover and was sent home October 26th.
At this time Cindy seems to be doing well though she is still very yellow from the high bilirubin count however, it continues to fall.
Cindy's medical condition has also been hampered as she has Thalasimia, a blood condition caused by small red blood cells which don't supply the oxygen required for the body at the altitude in which she is living (10,200'). The doctors say this would not be a problem if she lived at a lower altitude of which she has wanted to do but due to financial difficulties, cannot.
Her husband in turn is suffering from polyglycimia, a thickening of blood due to high altitude, which in turn is causing his eyesight to deteriorate.
Cindy is now wanting to return to a normal life, get back into school to finish her degree, and continue teaching but this seems impossible as her and her husbands finances have been depleted and they are desperately in need of a car, their old one has simply been driven to it's limits by the many 10's of thousands of miles they have been driving to hospitals. October 23rd was Cindy's 18th surgery, and we hope the last, in the last 4 years.
It is for this reason the family is pleading for financial help. Her husband has not been able to find employment and they fear being evicted from the house they are renting. If you could donate $40, or any other amount, it would sincerely be appreciated and may God Bless You for your time and consideration to this matter.
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