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Let's show our support for Brian in this tough time. All money raised will go to medical treatments and related expenses!

Being born with renal dysplasia, Brian had only 1/8 of one kidney at birth. He started dialysis at 7 years old and recieved his first transplant when he was 9. This transplant lasted 13 years; 13 years where he was healthy, happy, working and going to school and able to enjoy life outside of the hospital. During this time he had another blessing, a healthy son (he was told he could never have children), who is now 8 years old. He suffered a severe rejection of his kidney when he was 22, and unfortunately lost the kidney. He spent the next 6 years on dialysis, which meant constant health problems and hospitalizations. We were sent to Johns Hopkins and on May 8th of this year he received his 2nd transplant!

This kidney was from a live incompatible donor, as we participated in a 'swap' since we weren't a close enough match ourselves. Initially his kidney was working perfectly, but he had issues with rejection episodes and hospital acquired infections that slowed its progress. It was finally picking up again in early July when another severe hospital infection occured. This one putting him in the ICU and on life-support, with doctors being unsure if he would make it. Miraculously, he pulled through and is off of life support, out of the ICU and getting physical therapy to help him walk and do everyday activiies as he usually would. They're waiting and using supportive measures to help his kidney heal again and he will need dialysis and regular clinic visits here at Johns Hopkins in the meantime. This hospital visit, with all of its unexpected issues has ended up being nearly 4 months long so far. He had treatements to help his new transplant that are extremely costly and only partially covered by his insurance. He will need more of these to continue his fight and get his kidney working again.


"He's a fighter. He has a reason for being here, that's for sure!" I can't even tell you how often we've heard that...from doctors, family, friends and people we barely know. If one thing is true, it's definitely that he's a fighter. He's had to fight his whole life and it's given him the focus and appreciation for life to realize what he wants, and go after it. Right now he has his bachelors in Psychology and wants to be a transplant psychologist to help people in similar situations. He's a musician and wants nothing more than to get back to his music and classes and family life; healthy and whole.

Brian is an amazing person and a devoted, loving husband and father. His son is his miracle and he wants to be here and healthy to watch him grow up. He's been fighting with health issues literally his entire life and is easily the strongest person that I know. He's my inspiration and my strength and I wanted to do something to not only help out with the huge financial burden of all this but also show him that he is loved and supported. Even the smallest amount can be a huge help in these situations!! Costs really add up and every dollar you donate is a little less stress off of him; and a lot of support in his fight.


Thank you very, very much to anyone who helps out and passes the word along! If you have any questions or would like to see a copy of this particular hospital bill, that won't be a problem. My email is If you would prefer to use paypal directly or send a check instead for any reason, please email me and I'll give you the necessary contact details.

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