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Scott has no home right now. We are raising money to get him a place out of the NYC cold, and back to photographing life on better terms.

I am the oldest sister of Scott, but have not seen or talked to Scott since he was in his teens. So it is a fortunate coincidence that a friend, sends me a link to an article about Scott on Feb. 21, 2014. And so a story, of a life unfolds:

Through the facebook exposure and conversation, I was able to locate and talk to Marvi that same evening, with my head swirling around the complications of both lack of any family history and finding out that a sibling is homeless. Ben (the photographer who shot Scott) and his wife Marvi, have taken on advocate roles with Scott. Visiting him when they are in the city, finding, out what his immediate needs are, and most importantly letting him know that people have not given up on him. I can not thank them enough for getting Scotts' photo and information into the public eye. This is going to make a lifetime of difference for Scott.

Over the last couple of months Marvi and I have had what seem like daily short conversations, thinking of the best way to go about getting Scott on the next step up and out of homelessness. It takes a million small thoughts and prayers in Scotts' direction, so that he knows he has support (something he has not had a lot of in the past), so that he can make the steps in a more positive direction.

Ben and Marvi seem to have limitless energy, not only running their business and raising a young family, but checking in with Scott. You can just tell Scott idolizes Ben, in the way he talks about his work. And it has helped Scott in unforeseen ways to have other "creatives" to talk with, it has given him hope that he has a path back in that direction.

We have gotten a few resources to Scott, which have helped for immediate needs. Everything is moving in positive directions, which is why we are now asking for your help.

  • Scott needs a place to stay, a place to sleep out of the cold. We are looking at SRO availability in the city.
  • He has not had dental work done in quite awhile and needs extensive dental work done.
  • He needs a therapist to start helping him deal with his losses and get back to feeling worthwhile, until we can get his medicaid set up
  • He needs a small budget so he is assured of a meal each day

We are hoping with your help, we can make those plans a reality. Scott is even optimistic about getting back into his photography work. We will keep you posted as we move along.

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