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I am trying to raise money, so if my husband, Jim and I get our debt paid off some, even if it's only enough to get our credit scores to where they are at least considered "good" when they are rated.

The ideal goal for us would be to have them at 640 which is the average score, and if we were to get our credit scores up, get some debt funds, and someone or people who are really willing to help us, the funds would be used for this particular dilemma that we are in, that's it!

I would call up the debt collections agencies listed on each page of the annual credit card for Jim and myself, and then I would see what they would do as to negotiate a pay off. When you do that with debt collectors, they will take things that are in around $1k (as an example and as I did the other day) and knocked it down to $137.00 if I could pay it right then and there). I would do that because setting up payment plans, getting a credit financial aid advisor, and the additional services, would take longer for my score to be adjusted, they would want payment plans each month, and they would look for a payoff date of up to 1 to 2 years.

Since we are riding on borrowed time, looking out for what's the best for our 2 year old in the long-run, and want to look our long-term goals, then we have to get something done about our scores as soon as we possibly can. The homeowners here where we reside, want us out, and long gone, and have been asking us each time they run in to us or we go and pay them for the power bill etc, they ask us if we have found a place to live. So, we have maybe 90 days until they possibly decide to take legal action, and they have been very patient and have only considered Jase, our 2 year old, and him being without a roof over his head. That's the only reason we still have a roof over our heads now.

We are trying to establish permanency for our son, ourselves, and an inexpensive type home, trailer, modular, foreclosure, repo, fixer upper needing minor work that my husband is definitely able to fix it up in our spare time if we were to be able to move in to it and it be livable. If we do not get the credit scores increased, then these mortgage companies, lenders, realtors, and so forth, have already told us they can't help us until we fix our scores first and foremost. Once the scores come up quite a bit for both of us, then they would help us get in to a home no problem.

We are only thinking about what is best for us, our child, and what our future could possibly be like, a good one with stability, a place we can home, where we can raise our son like he deserves. We do not want to end up in a shelter. The rent is so high in this area where we live in Asheville, North Carolina since it is such a touristy town, for retirees, where wealthy families either buy summer homes or move to raise their families that it makes it impossible for lower-income families like ours to be able to afford rent let alone all the bills that come with paying bills and your house payment.

If we do not even get a single dime, we won't give up, I will promise that.
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