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This proposal will generate immediate job growth, immediate family assistance & food pantry support, residential pride, community strength and activities engaged in Art’s & Imagination and Special Needs.

Engage Youth Opportunities, Jobs, Local Food Pantry Support, Refresh Indiana Community & Inclusion of Special Needs

Pepsi Refresh Project Grant Submission

The United States of America, business as usual, has offered little hope for the younger generation to carry on a tradition of hard work in health and career. College Corner Indiana is a town rich in that belief eager to expand beyond the poverty that faces its population in economic casualties. This proposal will generate immediate job growth, immediate family assistance & food pantry support, residential pride, community strength and activities engaged in Art’s & Imagination and Special Needs.

  •  Community Bio

West College Corner, also known as just College Corner, is a town in Union Township, Union County, Indiana about five miles northwest of Oxford, Ohio. The population was 634 at the 2000 census. The town is bordered on the east by the state line with Ohio. Across it is the town of College Corner, Ohio. The town's public school is bisected by the state line and is operated jointly with the Ohio authorities. It owes its name to the Ohio town, which was in the northwestern corner of the "College Township", the survey township designated by the Ohio General Assembly as the site of the state college that became Miami University. This survey township was later organized as a civil township, Oxford Township.

Captured by it’s demographics of both an extension of a Major University on one side and linked together by a well maintained US State Route 27, Indiana and Ohio both claim ownership and pride in College Corner.

Drawn from public records available, not only is the population suitable for the workforce, it is in dire need. The unemployment rate in College Corner is 14.90 percent (U.S. avg. is 9.70% at the time of this report). Recent job growth is Negative. College Corner jobs have Decreased by 6.90 percent) continues to rise above the state average and primarily built upon the youth group between 14 to 28. This range also is a large part of the demographics that will provide over 30% of the consumer base. The remaining and large reason for success is the over 3,500-traffic pass per day directly in front of the proposed commercial renovation.

As you will discover through research provided, College Corner is a genuine American Story in the making. The people are sincere, honest, educated and passionately care about the future of their home and the United States. Come visit, sit a while in the Community Center, and visit the music store, antique shops, the Post Office and the beauty shop. If it truly begins at home, this is home!


Primary Goals

  • Immediate 75k Uplift & Refresh of revenue into local economy
  • Tax revenue generation for community infrastructure
  • Employment gain of 2 permanent and 8 part-time local
  • Renewable Resource for Food Pantry, Children’s Center & School
  • Direct long-term support of Art’s, Community Action & Special Needs
  • Establish Philanthropy Based Non-Profit Community Trust

Local Economy:
Current conditions limit the amount of community action that is available based on poverty restrictions. Food, utilities and housing standards are in decline because of job loss. Although the impact of manufacturing jobs is not included in this proposal, long-term vision and optimistic think-tank efforts can provide a community council to promote incentives for regional and global organizations to consider the prime landscape this area of dedicated people can offer to a committed business model.

With recent upgrades in both water and sewage treatment facilities, lines and maintenance, the infrastructure has now risen to a point of stable and dependable supply for a demand projected well into the next generation.

Prime Location:
It just does not get any better than this!

The cost of this location is well under budget of any other prime location you would expect. There are alternate locations equal to cost and position should one agreement become unavailable. The proposed Franchise location on the end of the Mall building (figure c) is currently a closed antique shop. The local Children’s Center located and connected directly next-door, offers the perfect setting for local businesses to draw upon for everyday quality foods. In addition, after school projects, educational scholarships, disability programs and Community Food Pantry supplies will receive immediate results. It is the design of this project to establish an operation model that will funnel permanent long-term funds to various Community based programs that include the local Elementary School, neighborhood organizations, property and residential enhancement programs, Art’s & Imagination plus disability inclusion.

The combination engages, enhances and empowers this community with immediate results that affect individual families who are proud to call College Corner home!

Resident artist & supporter, this project is design to empower & engage local Community Youth. As administrator and entrepreneur of previous commercial and professional methods, I carry knowledge to assist and orchestrate a long-term community resource to draw from in the future. As my life continues to evolve, a legacy and mission of philanthropy drives my personal human heritage. I commit to benevolence, participation and delivery as a mission statement. Letters of reference are available upon request.

Tax Revenue:
With a small tax base, College Corner depends solely on the generosity of its community members to support the core function of local government. With separate councils working in unison, both Indiana and Ohio benefits will surface. However, since the physical locations situated in Indiana, the recession that has so dramatically crippled West College Corner residents can once again stand behind a town on the move upwards. Roads, streets, trash collection, police and security concerns all suffer from over use and under funding. Consequently, the cost to source these services reach beyond most budgets. By implementing a stronger core, the advantage to reduce costs and improve quality of life improves dramatically.

As 3,500 travelers pass by daily, a conservative 5% captive audience weekly will generate in conjunction with local support a projected 20% boost to the current tax base collection. As the community continues to grow and rebound, the positive momentum will also be reflective in a stable government.

Employment Gain:
College Corner has a large youth population that is struggling to find its identity. This stems from both rural limitations and economic choices that are not available due to a more restricted financial resource to draw from in time of need. With this single site mentioned in full operation, the staff requirements will be estimate as follows:

Site – 2 permanent / 8 part-time (additional task jobs expected)

College Corner is also home to a range of Disabled Americans. This is due primarily because of the low cost of living and the ability to survive on a fixed income, Social Security or other forms of public assistance. Some of these individuals are limit by severe mobility and mental illness that prevents them from exploring beyond the confines of the Local Park, or neighborhood. It is the sincerity of this Grant to engage and involve this community of generous people in all levels of service. A disability is not a liability. We are all more alike than different…

Community Spirit & Pride:
Ask anyone who travels through and knows anything about College Corner and listen as they tell you the spirit of the people are what make the town thrive. Whether it is from the local artistic talents of known world famous musicians, painters, authors or the unannounced schoolteacher of the Union County Indiana pride of education, each have come here for the draw of simplicity and purity.

College Corner Indiana has a future! Its past proves testimony to the endurance and character of its people. The economy needs a helping hand up!

American Project – Refreshes American Town!

Budget & Grant Distribution:

o Purchase Real-Estate Flagship Site $ 35,000
o Establish Franchise (Subway, Quizno, etc.)* $ 50,000
o Supplies & Perishables $ 20,000
o Remodeling & Renovation of Site $ 35,000
o Equipment lease/purchase $ 10,000
o Insurance, Advertizing, Promotion, Permits $ 10,000
o Charitable Donation Local Food Pantry $ 25,000
o Funding and Donation to Local School, College Corner $ 15,000
o Landscape Site & Community Park Grounds $ 10,000
o Reserve Funds (3-month Admin., payroll, utilities, etc.) $ 40,000

* Franchise numbers are base on negotiating cooperative agreements between existing requests or establishing new stores through national chains. This research is readily available and can be produce once funds are established. Should Franchisee agreements become either unavailable or outside the scope of these funds, the commercial use and project will continue at a sole proprietor level with an immediate additional $25,000 distributed contribution available at time of funds released. Bringing immediate funds release est. $100,000 for local projects.

Charitable endowment and inclusion of Children’s Center, Elementary School and the use of local landscape, talent, remodeling and gardening resources for Community Park and Mall Store Fronts, will “Refresh” in an immediate and encouraging way that is used by all who live work and pass thru College Corner. The children’s center provides and serves as the “only” Local Food Pantry. These funds will be directly focus to support and enhance the nutritional health needs of families struggling to survive in this town. The benefit will become immediate, long-term, expandable, renewable and cooperative.

Additional funding is not forecast at this time, nor is desired due to economic fears. In the event financing is required for security of inventory, no action will be taken prior to 180 days of full operation of Flagship to determine feasibility and economics. It is the intent to establish a turn-key environment for this community to draw resources from that will be available for years to come. Hypothetical long-term 20yr estimates community resources available will exceed $500,000.

Establish Philanthropy Based Non-Profit Community Trust

Local sub-contractor and remodeling crew is available and dependable at a very affordable rate. Area volunteer spirit, school support and student population is eager to provide a collaborative effort. Local talent is rich in experience and qualifications to provide world-class results in all areas mentioned. Families depend upon basic fundamental employment and being a part of a larger solution for a deserving community. Again, the need for work is urgent; the income is an immediate solution to months of loss in the area. Workforce supply is plentiful.


Reference Information:

City Statistics,_Indiana

Indiana Highway Dept.


Prepared by:
Kris Courtney, dba


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