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The family and friends of Alex have united to raise money for his upcoming surgery and post treatment while at College next year.

When my son Alex turned 4, he said to me "Mommy, I want to play baseball". Being that said we found him a baseball team where he immediately became the catcher. He continued throughout his life playing baseball as the only sport he ever loved. When he was 12 years old he was playing Select baseball in a Houston area recognized team. While we were preparing for a World Series in Colorado with his team, and also for a World Series in famous Cooperstown in New York on a travel team, Alex was asked to catch a local World Series for another team. Being so passionate about it, Alex accepted the offer.

During the first game of the Series Alex went up to bat, probably mid way into the game. He swung at an inside pitch and the baseball went straight inside his helmet and hit his left eye. He finished his at bat in a lot of pain, but he has never been known for being a coward. He went back to the dugout and the coaches told him to put some ice and sit for a while. After the game I consulted the coaches and asked if I should take him to the doctor to get checked. They laughed and said it was okay. They said that kids get hit with baseballs in the eye and face at all times and that they just bruise up for a while. I had no idea that they were saying that just because they needed him to show up for the rest of the week.

I made the huge mistake of not taking him to the doctor, and he continued without complaining of pain, loss of vision or anything. Needless to say that it never crossed my mind that this incident will cause my son to be blind from one eye, and that it would ruin his career dreams and his life forever.

Alex went on to the other two World Series in Colorado and Cooperstown during that summer. They were fantastic and they did awesome. It wasn't until December that I received a letter from his school letting me know that they had done vision screening on the students and that Alex just had 10% vision on his left eye.

I immediately took him to the Ophtalmologist. When he checked him he immediately referred him to a Retina Specialist very famous in Houston. I had to leave one office and drive straight to the other one.

When the Retina Specialist checked him he noticed that his retina had dettached, and it had been like that since the accident 6 months previous. It was in very bad shape and had a lot of scar tissue around it. He recommended immediate surgery to be done on December 31st.

We did not hesitate and he had his first surgery. It was 4 hours of pure agony waiting for him and praying that everything would be okay. He came out fine and the doctor was able to attach his retina and remove the scar tissue. He also inserted a sclerical buckle to hold it in place while he recovered. His recovery period was horrible. My boy had to be looking down for two straight weeks. We managed to set the computer on the floor so he could watch it looking down, and so on. He never failed to do school work, or homework, since I would go and get his work every day.

Unfortunately his retina continued to dettach time after time. Alex has gone through 10 surgeries. Each one similar to the other one, and with the same horrible recovery. His retina continues to dettach due to the amount of scar tissue developing, which pulls the retina and makes it dettach.

You might be asking yourself how he did not notice anything before? Well, I asked the same question a million times. Being 12 years of age, Alex had been gradually losing his eyesight from his left eye, but the right eye was compensating for that loss of vision at the same time. He did see flashes of light and bubbles, but thought it was his imagination and did not say anything.

But Alex has been a very strong boy and I am very, very proud of him. He has continued to play baseball and to catch all these years. He is a Senior in high school this year and plays Varsity. Not only has he played, but he has hit home runs, and he continues to be an excellent blocker. He has also had to face coaches that see him as a waste of time because of his condition, even though it does not affect him in the ball field. He has been told that no college will let him play like that, and they have given him the least possible time on the field. His dream was to continue to play college ball.

I do thank God every day that he has never been depressed, that I know of, or that it has been noticeable. He is a happy young man with very good grades...a true fighter.

At this moment Alex has a prosthesis over his eye, since his eye was closing up a little. They call it a prosthetic shell. This only lasts for a couple years and they are very expensive. We have ran out of all possible resources after paying deductibles and all the other expenses of these past 10 surgeries and the prosthesis.

I continue to search online every day for new information on any medical advancement, and I just found that they are injecting live mother cells to blind patients and also to patients whom the retina has died, which is his case. Some patients are already seeing blury, but they are seeing. The only problem is that health insurance does not cover this treatment.

I am praying that I can raise the money to be able to try this on him. He will be going on to college next summer, and I don't know what to do with this problem. I once asked the doctor if he could remove one of my eyes and put it on him, but apparently this procedure cannot be done just yet. The doctor explained that there are cornea transplants, but whole eye transplants do not exist.

I really appreciate you time in reading my post, and please keep him in your prayers too. He needs all the help he can get, and prayers are very strong.

May God bless you!
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