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Looking for any contributions to offset funeral expenses and debt that was left any amount you can spare is much appreciated. Thank you

Looking back, our journey of 24 years was long and brutal; I never really thought of it like that because we always had positive attitudes and anything less was forbidden. However I do realize the importance of positive thinking, if you sit in misery you will get misery, if you try and make the best out of a situation, it does make it better. I remember the day it happened like it was just last week, my phone had rang at 4:00 am in the morning I knew that it wasn’t good, my Dad was on the phone and said your brother was hurt this evening, he was with Kenny in a motorcycle accident, he’s at Riverview Hospital and you and your Mother need to fly to N.J. this morning, I will come in a few days when I get everything  here situated. I remember my Mother looking at me on the plane when we were boarding and she pointed her finger at me and said our life’s would never be the same, I said certainly they would Mom, as I thought she was much too much a pessimist and I myself was only 24 years old at the time, what did I know, I was a kid. Those words have echoed through my mind a lot throughout the years, but never as much as the last few years spent with Gary. Our life’s were never the same! I pretty much stayed in a fog for the next few months, the first time I got to the hospital Gary was on this gurney with bolts through his skull, I tried not to show my fear and I don’t think I did, as I got on the floor to lay down looking up at him, and saying what the hell did you do Lurch? From the time we were kids he always had the nickname Lurch, he just liked it and ask our Mom to call him that, so it stuck little did we know that he and Georgie my oldest brother would be the creators of many nicknames for various family members over the years. Looking back he was a lot more scared than I ever could have imagined I only really saw this now, after his death who could not be afraid in that situation, your on this gurney and you have bolts holding you up, in 1988 they had no advances on spinal cord injuries, it wasn’t until 1985 that the Miami Project was founded by Nick Buoniconti, after Nick’s son, Marc, sustained a spinal cord injury during a college football game. Today, The Miami Project is the world’s most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center and a designated Center of Excellence at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine; they have made great strides in research and still are striving to do much more. Gar was a trooper he was joking and kidding around with me, I said does it hurt and he said no not really, of course he was paralyzed and most likely they had him a bit drugged up, I remember popping my mother’s zanax I couldn’t deal with it looking back I cried for weeks after it happened, I had this beautiful picture of him and I but my ex-husband made me put it away, because looking at it just made it all so more painful. I remember being on the other phone when the Dr. informed my Mom that he had severed his spinal cord, he described it as like a cable, once it was cut you could not splice it back together, he would remain in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, now I can’t imagine how he felt when he was given this news, but I do remember him telling me that if he could of reached the valium, he would of killed himself, he was so paralyzed that he couldn’t even kill himself, thank god because I would have rather had him more, than to ever had been dead he was still Gary, funny, intelligent, handsome that never changed, life went on he went to FAU graduated with a BS degree and went to the University of Miami Law School and graduated law school in 2001. We were very proud of him, he did not practice law because the severity of his paralysis. I didn’t realize just how big a part of my life he was until he passed away. He will always be my hero and inspiration. Gary passed away on June 18th 2012 of a brain anerysium the last thing anyone had ever thought would take his life, I miss him everyday, most every hour on the hour.  No one realizes the out of pocket cost being paralized leaves a person, our health care system should be ashamed!  The bills have piled up my wish is to help my Dad pay up the funeral expenses and outstanding creditors and some of the hospital co-pays

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