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Family & friends of 17 yr. old David Silva are trying to raise enough money to purchase a handicap accessible van so he can go to dr. appts.

It has been a year since he was nearly killed, 17-year-old David Silva lay in his hospital bed set up in his family's dining room , where his caretakers make sure he doesn't rip out the tube that helps him breathe.

April 4, 2012 (WPVI) -- Action News has learned the name of the teenager who is in critical condition after being struck in a hit-and-run in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. The victim is 17-year-old David Silva, who was struck on April 3rd, around 10:30 p.m, at the intersection of Tyson Avenue and Ditman Street. Family & friends are trying to raise money to help the family purchase a handicap accessible van so David can get out to much needed doctor appointments. We are also trying to raise money to increase the reward money in this case. Please if everyone could donate at least a $1.00 and pass this on to everyone you know and for them to pass this on we could get the money David's family needs in a matter of no time.

David was the victim of a "Hit n Run" Driver. David, 17, was nearly killed the evening of April 3rd, 2012 While riding his bicycle during Spring break of last year. David was hit from behind by a car High-speed. Neighbors found David all alone left to die, bloody, convulsing in the roadway next to his bicycle lodged beneath a parked car. The driver of that car cowardly sped off.. They have not yet been apprehended by police. David was a fantastic Artist, and was also an avid, 'BMX' bike rider whose dream was for Mountain Dew to sponsor him someday. David never left his house without his bicycle. That has all changed due to this horrific 'Hit n Run' accident. This tragic accident significantly impacted Davids life forever. David suffered severe, massive traumatic brain injuries in his brainstem and to his higher brain functions from this accident. The person who did this to David remains at large. David's chance of survival was a mere 10%, Doctors have taken him off of the ventilator this week. Improvement has been slow but steady. David's WILL to live and the love from all his family and friends pulled him through!

David remains 'semi-consious', on a 'feeding tube' and in a 'wheel-chair' unable to speak. His eyes do not fully open without him having to physically hold them to remain open due to the extent of his brain injuries. David was in a deep coma for over 6 months totally 'unresponsive' to everyone. Doctors gave up on David telling his mother "That it was selfish keeping him alive, when he had very little chance in improving".

David did survive and is slowly getting better, but could certainly use a little help from others. If anyone can please find it in their hearts in helping David's family in getting a "Wheelchair Accessible" Van in order for David to get to much needed dr.appts., therapy, etc., just too get out in general esp., with the nicer warmer weather ahead. David has lost a full year of his life just being on life-support in a deep coma for so long. Depending on the amount of donations any left over money would go towards David's therapy costs, which is very, very expensive. David was unable to receive any therapy due to Insurance reasons. Also, any 'extra' donations would go into the Citizens Crime Commissions reward fund. There is a $1,000 reward for whomever is responsible in hitting David, but no one has yet come forward with any information.

David needs ALL OF YOUR help more then ever!! David needs ALL OF YOUR help more then ever!!

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