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Hips for Gracie

Gracie is a 9 month old yellow lab mix. She is very happy, energetic, and playful. Unfortunately, Gracie was born with hip dysplasia. She is a very special dog who deserves the very best. She is going to need a surgery that is very costly. We are trying to raise money because the surgery is so expensive. She deserves to have a long and fun filled life. Without this surgery, she is only expected to live a few years due to the inability to walk. She might need it in a month, or in a year, nobody knows. Please find it in your heart to help her, it is much appreciated.

UPDATE~ 3/24/11
Overall,Gracie seems to be doing well these days. We are nearing her 1 year old birthday and I have decided to elaborate on her story. My family was blessed with 2 wonderful dogs for over 15 years! We were so lucky! "Haze" and "Daisy" were smart, sweet and beautiful. Unfortunately, October 21st, 2009~ Haze passed away. After he passed, Daisy was grieving right along with the rest of our family. She was never the same. Daisy was getting up between 3 and 12 times a night. I got up with her and my heart was breaking as each day went on. She seemed to be disoriented and the day came when a decision had to be made about her life and what was best for her. She had always been referred to as the baby because she was younger than Haze. So, April 22nd, 2010 came and this was it. It was 6 months apart when I got the two dogs~ and they left me 6 months apart..... It was with great compassion for her, and remorse for myself that we had her put to sleep. As I always regretted not staying with Haze when he was euthanized, my husband and I were with the vet when she was put to sleep. I will always remember her kissing his hand as he was giving her the shot. I stroked my beautiful, golden, sweet baby as she went to be with Haze. Well, on that very day~ somewhere that I will never know~ where,why, what~???~~ my baby Gracie was born. Of course, with the heavy burden of grief that I was carrying....I did not know...and most probably~honestly~ would not have cared. Some time went by.....My house was so quiet and I started thinking about another puppy at the beginning of June. I felt that I would have so much to offer as I did so well with my guys. My daughter started searching different internet sites. Of course, she is a Craigslist pro and found my little Gracie. I am blessed with both my daughters as they are the "wind beneath my wings" to quote a ways... I thought WOW! She looked so much like Daisy and I guess I was going for the sweet calm disposition that Daisy had with the floppy lab ears. Haze was also very good and probably one of the smartest dogs on the planet...He had the goofiest ears though....So, as Gracie grew~ her ears began to stick out like Haze's did..... and it was at this point that we realized that she had traits of both of my dear beloved animals. Wow, we hit the lottery again.... I figured with another best dog ever! Smart as a whip!!! Well behaved and loving!!! And so cute...she still carries around a blanket! ( : One night as she was playing around, I heard the popping sound that we had come to find out was her hip issue. Some people do not know how serious this is and others that seem to "know it all" should just shut their mouths as they do not know what the vet told my husband and I. It is a bad situation. Her hips are in her joint approx 20% and a normal dog is 95-100%. I am praying and hoping that Gracie will be around as long as Haze and Daisy were. As the days go on, I see her struggle at night just to get up after she has been resting a while. I was compelled to post on here today as she came down cellar with me this morning. On the way up, she had to stop every 3 or 4 steps. She is now asleep at my feet as I type on this computer. The surgery is going to be expensive and that is why Rebecca and Dan found this awesome fund-raising site. They have helped me out immensely. She is a sweetheart. Both Becca and Gracie...I am hoping that things with Gracie go smoothly. She is on medication for her pain and will be for the rest of her life. She is only a baby. It is sad but I am truly hoping for a positive outcome after she has surgery. I guess God knew that I would do whatever I need to do for her. And I will~ as again, I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have such a gift like her in my life. Maybe, if someone else would have bought her, they would not do whatever needs to be done in order to save her. I am scared because I am unsure of the outcome ...... I am sure that everyone understands...The fear of the unknown.... Not a good thing. Please continue praying for her so that we can figure out with the vets...the best avenue for my baby. It truly will be a celebration when April 22nd arrives. It will be Gracie's birthday as well as Daisy's Heaven date. You know that is why Gracie's name is Grace. It was only through the Grace of God that I was able to get her......And because of her birthday being the same day as Daisy know...There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.
God Bless.
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