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Our family & friends of Michelle Gosh are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against Colon Cancer! Show your support, please

My lovely wife has been having a rough couple of months. First, she started having serious heartburn, on the day she went for her EGD, her father was also having a valve replacement done, when she left him to get her test done he was doing well. When she got back from her procedure he took a spiral down, later that evening he passed away. The EGD showed gastritis, her GI doctor treated it with Nexium. Another week or 2 went by it was getting no better, the doc said take two now, she kept getting worse &worse.

Finally, I took my wife to the ER because she was having so much pain in her left side, and was unable to hold down food. They did a CTscan said it looked like inflamation going on around the pancreas, lymph nodes, and colon. They then did a colonoscopy and found a large mass on her colon that was completely obstructing.
After a PETscan, they did surgery June 29, 2012. The doctor came and sadly told me that she (who is so young for this kind of Cancer) that he removed the mass on her colon, ressected, ablated the lesions in her liver and found lesions in her lungs, but those he couldn't do anything about. So she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Even the doctor had a hard time telling my wife, because she is so young.

My wife, has just turned 46, she is the mother of three wonderful children, our youngest son has Autism. So he relies so much on his mother for care and love, he doesn't understand what is going on with his mother. Our daughter, looks just like her mother, and is very close to her, her oldest son also needs her. My wife is an Occupational Therapist at a nursing home & when her father died, we moved her mother (whom is in late stage Alzhiemers) to her nursing home so she could be close to her mother also.

She is such a giving person, full of love and beauty inside and out! She is so worried about finances, returning to work, taking care of her son w/autism. But first and foremost we all want her to just concentrate on getting better, she will have to go through many chemotherapy treatments to get rid of the lesions on her lungs and anything else remaining. I don't want her to have these worries, so she can just concentrate on recovery and health. So she can live a long and full life.

I would appreciate any assistance received and if there's any extra monies left I would donate to this site and/or Autism Speaks. Thanks so much for everyone's support.
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