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Well, I believe in a Economic system that is innovative and balance.

For people of Faith finally that will not have to no longer suffer their families healthcare because it lack faith funding. Creating this Faith Economy is New, ! I am believing that thier many others out here with the same hopes and faith thats under Mandate to live by faith. This is the Faith to Sow into that is the Promise withou the law, cause under the law this Great faith is nott Effecive Romans 4:14, lets let the Word of God be truth today! We can bring forth honor to the Profession by Uniting our $. Seeking faith!!! This faith is going to identify you as people who name get registered on this great Well of Life that incorporate all move before they don't have control over being identified with US of Purpose, of Promise, of Life cause thats what Luke 21:18 says*** Show God you are not trusting in horses, $, flesh, and I mean literally, the Rich young Ruler told Jesus that he kept the Commandments all his life, he chose that over Jesus who said give to the poor and follow Him Jesus, (Now my Faith have Created a Big Faith door to where Give what you have today, eventually we will have great where houses for things of the poor, its like when you Give your Car to Mother Waddles. or you purchase everything New and take your stuff to Salvation army,) incert today 11/26/16*** Jesus probably didn't look all polish up, or John the Baptist with his locust and honey, that left his father house. I try to give understanding I AM Prophetic, not professional. I believe in doing Right in the Sight of God, I believe in Being Just, that way I Credit my self living ***UpRight***9/18/15*** To be Credit with this Faith and Giving to enable us to take dominance over our Economic life that expect us to perform good Samaritan deeds, the $ for the Wine to pour into the Wound, the wheels to send him or her to the Faith Comfort Lodge to be cared for and to take up all expense, we won't to honour Gods Word to be doers of the Words. To Create a Right and Just Balance Inspiration of Just One today. 3\26\16*** Faith Professor/Promoter.
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