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This fund is to help pay for my dental treatment. Help me get my wish to smile again...

I have struggled with my teeth for years. Then about 4 years ago they started going down hill rapidly.

Numerous trips to emergency rooms because of infections and severe pain. There isn't a room in my house that does not have ibuprofen, acetaminophen, orajel, anbesol and eugenol. There isn't a moment during the day or night that I am not suffering from pain.

After four years of searching for a dentist who would even see me, I finally found one. I just had my evaluation and the dentist set up a treatment plan. I do not have medical insurance of any kind to help with the costs. I have to pay it all out of pocket. Luckily the dentist is working with me on a sliding fee scale to reduce some of my cost. However, sadly even with the lower costs I still cannot afford it.

I will need all of my top teeth removed as soon as possible with a full top denture. My lower teeth we may be able to save a few. I will have to have a lower partial denture. There is not a tooth in my mouth that does not require work.

It is very depressing, especially since I am only 36 years old. So many of my teeth are broken. It makes it difficult to eat. Not to mention some of them have made raw spots on the inside of my mouth from rubbing.

I am just wishing and praying that someone, anyone will be able to help me.

I want to be able to smile again with out having to put my hand in front of my face. I want to know what it feels like to not be in pain anymore. I want to be able to chew again without having to concentrate so as not to break another tooth or put myself in more pain.

**$37.40 would extract one tooth!
**$55.88 would pay for a resin composite on a surface anterior!
**$67.76 would pay for a resin based composite two surface posterior!

***My upper denture will cost $475!
***My lower partial denture will cost $475!
***My cleaning will cost $25.96!

~ I have already had two teeth extracted ($127.20) and my evaluation ($24.64)

~ My total cost for treatment would be $1886.48, as long as no other problems present themselves.

~ My ultimate goal for this fundraiser is to at least reach $950 for my dentures.

July 19, 2011
I went in today and had my cleaning done. They found another cavity which will increase my estimated treatment cost but hopefully not by much. My next appointment is August 19, 2011. At this next appointment they are going to start the repair work to the 8 teeth they can save and possibly start some of the extraction work.

August 21, 2011
I had my appointment on the 19th. It didn't go as planned however. They were going to start the work to save some teeth, but because I was having issues with one of my teeth, they opted to extract the two back bottom teeth on my left side. The one in front had more "tooth" to it so the dentist started with it first. She thought if she got it out first the one behind it would be easier to get a hold of. But that didn't quite work. After struggling with it she gave up and moved to the back tooth. A bit of a struggle but it came out. It actually flew out. I saw it go through the air. And everyone in the room started laughing. Then she went back to the other tooth. This thing would not budge. It already had a big chuck of it broke off. This is what was causing my pain. Food would get trapped in there and sometimes was very hard to get out. Sending me straight into serious pain. My appointment was at 11am and by 12:45pm she was still trying to get this tooth out. Come to find out it had a "hook" on the root. It would not budge at all. Not to mention the root was infected. So she had to break the tooth apart and pull it out in pieces. When she got to the last piece it was obvious the root was not going to come out. So the dentist had to remove bone tissue to get it out of my mouth. She said usually leaving a small part of the root wouldn't hurt anything, but this thing was really infected and "had" to come out. So a little while later, two teeth less and less bone and a few stitches I was on my way. Had to get a prescription for antibiotics and for pain as well this time. Because as she said it "this time you ARE going to be in pain". And boy was she right. That is why it took me so long to update this. The inside of my jaw and cheek looked bruised. I still can not open my mouth up. And I feel like I was on the losing end of one heck of a fist fight. I have my next appointment on the 23rd. Usually my appointments are a month apart, but this last time was a bad one and they need to see me right away to check and make sure everything is healing properly and no new infections have developed. Keeping my fingers crossed! Will Update when the next appointment is on August 23rd.

August 23, 2011
Had my post-op appointment. Everything went well. The dentist says every looks good. Also that I am healing faster than she thought I would. Still having pain even with the meds. My jaw is still slightly swollen and still have a heck of a bruise inside my mouth. Having a hard time swallowing but she said all that I am going through is normal. My next apointment is September 14th. At that time they will be doing all work to save what is left of my bottom teeth. Then depending on how this fundraiser goes will depend on how quickly I can have my top teeth pulled. But I am hopeful.

September 17, 2011
Took me awhile to get around to updating this. The clinic I am going to is having problems. They recently lost their dentist, so now appointments depend on volunteer dentists until they can find a replacement. I am having to change the date of the fundraiser again because of this. Also because appointments keep needing to be rescheduled. I am hoping they find a new permanent dentist soon. My next appointment is October 11th. They had a slot open for September 28th but because of the work I need done on my bottom teeth, they had to switch it to October 11th, when a different dentist would be there. I know I am in need of help to get the work done and for the dentures, but this community really needs this clinic as well. I cannot imagine it not being there. There are not a lot of other options for people like me. So even if you don't donate to my cause, after reading this I hope you at least pray that this clinic with its wonderful staff continues to be able to do the work that so many people really need.

**UPDATE**(moved to bottom)
September 20, 2011
Putting this update near the top so no one has to scroll to read it. I lost the feeling and motor control over the left side of my face. It just happened over the weekend. Scared me to death. I managed to get in to the dentist Monday morning so they could check me. As far as they can tell there is no infection in the extraction site and it is still healing. However, they recommended I get to a regular doctor. The dentist said I have Bell's Palsy. The clinic here can not see me until October 4th. So I am stuck in a waiting game. I do not know much about Bell's Palsy. Some people it is permanent others make a full recovery. I am keeping my eye taped shut when I sleep and using eye drops to keep it moist since I can not close or blink my eye. I can only talk out of the right side of my mouth. Eating was hard enough with my teeth, now it has become a job. I have to be very careful and really concentrate not to bite my lip. (or stab myself with a fork because I keep forgetting the left side of my mouth doesn't open lol) Trying to keep my spirits up! Will update more as soon as I know anything!**

December 19, 2011
Sorry it has been so long since I have updated this. But have been going through a lot of stuff right now. Other medical issues such as the Bell's Palsy and others as well as my teeth. I did manage to get the feeling and control over my face back. There are left over symptoms like extreme twitching. Sometimes I feel like I am smiling on my left side when I am not. So on that note I am pretty lucky and very thankful. In November they fixed two more teeth on the bottom. I also had to go the doctor because of the Bell's Palsy. We found a free clinic here who saw me. I had to bring home a "stool sample kit". OH HOW PLEASANT! And I go back in on December 27th to have a lot of blood work done. I think they are going to test for diabetes and other stuff. Not quite sure but am pretty freaked out about it. I went in to the dentist on December 9th to have all four of my front teeth pulled, but I arrived late and the next appointments showed up early so YAY they refused to see me. So they rescheduled for the 30th. I may have to reschedule that one because my husband is already taking days off that week for other appointments. After I have the four front teeth pulled they are going to stop service to me until I have the money for my dentures. (unless there is a problem) At this rate I am not sure how long that will take. Seems like everytime we get a little money saved something comes up and we have to use it. But I changed the date for the end of this fundraiser to around the time we usually get our income tax refund. So with the kind hearts that have already donated and any future money raised can be added to that and hopefully I will have enough to finally get my smile back. I want to again say thank you to the people who have donated so far. You are in my thoughts and prays everyday. That fact that some people out there can be so kind and generous just amazes me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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