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We are raising money to purchase Justyn an Ipad, it will be instrumental in providing a voice for him. Please show your support by donating.

As most of you know, and some of you don't, my oldest son Justyn was diagnosed with Autism at 15 months, and needless to say this has been a fight everyday since then. He is now 11, and with the awareness of Autism growing, it's important that even if you know or don't know anyone with Autism, that you try and support this cause. There's so much that we still don't know about this disorder, in my situation my son was a normal little boy his development was extremely fast and he was ahead of time with all his milestones, and then 1 day it was like everything changed, he stopped trying to talk, became distant, and I had no idea of what was going on. Because unlike other disabilities and disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, or Downs Syndrome, which can have testing done early on, Autism has no testing, it's like a waiting game to see if your child has any delay, some children show signs early on and others are much older, and unfortunately the likelihood of having a boy with Autism is much greater then having a girl with Autism. The odds of having a child with Autism are 1 in 88, Downs Syndrome 1 in 1500, Cerebral Palsy 2 in 1000, so needless to say the chances are much greater of having a child with Autism. The symbol of Autism Speaks is a puzzle piece, because Autism is like a 1,000,000 piece puzzle, that no matter what you try you just can't make the pieces fit right, or there are just pieces missing. I know a lot of people that feel like this can't or won't happen to me, I don't mean or want to scare anyone, but this is very real, Dan Marino, Toni Braxton, and Jenny McCarthy are just a few well known people with Autistic children. I just want everyone to educate themselves, and know the signs to look for, and if you do notice something may be wrong, then get an evaluation, don't be afraid, the sooner you know the better, studies have shown that children diagnosed early on have a better chance at living a normal life. Justyn has come a long way but still has a long road ahead of him, and I want to thank everyone that has been there to support us on this journey, you truly don't know how much it means to me to be supported by family and friends, at times I'm so frustrated and don't know where to turn or what to do but your support and encouragement has gone a long way, so if I haven't told you I'm telling you now. We all know how important communication is and we're trying to provide Justyn his own voice with the purchase of an Ipad, having an Ipad will open up a whole new world of possibilities for him. So please get out and learn more Autism, and try to support any organization whether its local or national. Just remember it's not the end, just the beginning, and the more you know the better. "Knowledge is Power"
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